Kalas Covadonga – Vuelta Collection

To celebrate the 2018 edition of La Vuelta a España, Kalas has released the limited edition Covadonga collection. Stage 15 of this year’s Vuelta will see the pros race from Ribera del Arriba to the icon summit of Lagos de Covadonga. Tipped on paper as one of the hardest stages of the race, the winner will likely be one of the GC favourites.

In keeping with the colour of the Vuelta leaders jersey, the Kalas Covadonga collection is primarily red and black with an artistic flair thrown in to make each piece truly unique. We’ve taken a closer look at the collection which is comprised of a lightweight jersey, top of the range bib-shorts, a cap and gloves.

a cyclist holding the kalas covadonga jersey

Kalas Covadonga Jersey

The climb to the lakes atop Covadonga is a long and steep one. Fitting then that the Covadonga jersey is made from lightweight, highly breathable fabrics. Mesh inserts on the shoulders prevent overheating while a semi-autolock zipper lets you regulate your body temperate to perfection.

The overall fit of the Kalas Covadonga jersey is excellent, helped largely by the use of ‘active’ seams. The stitching pattern and thread used by Kalas allows the seams themselves to stretch which results in a tight but not restrictive fit. Longer than average sleeves with a bonded edge hem improve both the aerodynamics and aesthetics to help you ride faster and look better.

But what really sets this jersey off is not it’s performance features but instead, it’s unique design. The colourway just screams Vuelta, the vibrant red is bold but not garish. The pattern on the rear panel of the jersey also looks ominously like a mountain range, of which there are many in the Tour of Spain!

a cyclist stood wear the kalas covadonga jersey

Kalas Covadonga Bib-shorts

For the Covadonga collection, Kalas have used their signature Goffrato bib-shorts. Having worn them for numerous reviews and photo shoots, I can attest to the claimed level of comfort. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a short ride, long ride, with or without chamois cream… they’re just comfortable. The Endurance 3D pad has been specifically engineered and positioned to support your sit bones in the most effective way possible.

Compressive fabric on the leg panels helps with circulation, delivering more oxygen to the working muscles and reducing fatigue as you ride. The Covadonga pattern found on the jersey is also visible on the anti-slip leg grippers at the base of the shorts. The elasticated bib straps ensure maximum comfort and are stitched with flat seams to prevent any chaffing as your pedal.

Subtle enough to be worn with or without the matching jersey, the Covadonga bib-shorts provide all-day comfort, wherever you bike takes you.

a cyclist climbing in the kalas covadonga bib-shorts

Kalas Covadonga Cap

Cycling caps serve a multitude of purposes, they protect you from the rain in the wet and keep the sun out of your eyes on particularly bright days. Aside from their functionality, they’re also extremely stylish, none more so than the Kalas Covadonga. Kalas construct their caps from PES X4 fabric which is breathable enough to ensure you don’t overheat on hot days but it’ll keep the chill off your head on cool ones.

a close-up shot of the kalas covadonga cap

Kalas Covadonga Gloves

The popular X8 gloves have been restyled by Kalas for the Vuelta. It’s a good idea to wear cycling gloves whether you’re riding on the flat or climbing and descending. If you’ve ever had a crash and taken the skin off the palms of your hands I’m sure you’ll agree. Five minutes into your ride and you’ll forget you’re wearing them at all thanks to the lightweight lycra material. The palm is made using a synthetic suede and foam padding to improve comfort and grip on the bars.

a cyclist gripping the handlebars wearing the Kalas Covadonga gloves


It’s not uncommon these days to see clothing manufacturers producing limited edition collections based around a particular race or location. Often we see brands fail to capture the essence of the race, but on this occasion, we think Kalas have got it spot on.

The jersey in particular is colourful and animated, much like the Vuelta itself, without being over the top. Aside from the aesthetics, the performance aspect of every piece is exceptional. Celebrate the Vuelta in style with the all-new Kalas Covadonga collection.

a cyclist wearing the kalas covadonga colletion stood infront of a church

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Johnny Bowles

Johnny Bowles

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