How to Blag Yourself a New Dura-Ace Groupset

You may hear yourself saying…

Another new groupset… More money… More bike parts.

It’s true. Cycling innovation is forever changing. It’s improving, developing and becoming more cutting-edge day by day. Annoyingly, these changes happen quickly, It can be tricky to keep up in the world of cycling more often than not….

So – how do you convince yourself, and others, that you need to bag the latest cycling gear? Check out these excellent excuses you can use to repress every doubt you may have in your mind.  As for having to justify yourself to your better half, you may just have to tell a white lie or two…

  1. ‘I had to have it because no one will be using the old one anymore, I don’t want my friends to single me out!’
  2. ‘My old one broke and they don’t make the parts to fix the old ones anymore’
  3. ‘I tried to repair the old one but the parts were far more expensive than the new Groupset so may as well get the new one’
  4. ‘If I’m spending ‘x’ amounts of pounds on a groupset what’s a few extra pounds for the new one?’
  5. ‘Myold one was wearing out anyway, I may as well have a new one’
  6. ‘I’ve heard this one makes me faster, and uses less of my body’s energy! Surely that has to be a good enough reason?’
  7. ‘Well I needed a new one anyway so no point in buying the old model now’
  8. ‘I have to have this new groupset as my bike has to be under a certain weight to compete this year – the old groupset is a little too heavy’
  9. ‘I was given this as a sponsorship deal’
  10. …if none of these are convincing enough, just say you won it in a competition!

Whatever excuse you arrive at, don’t deprive yourself off your favourite bike parts. If you have any questions on the new Dura-ace groupset,  feel free to ask us using the hashtag #PBK on twitter.


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