A Break from the Tour de France Action

Berne, Switzerland – the second rest day location of the Tour de France. The end is within sights and only five days left to try and secure the Yellow Jersey. After a grueller up Mont Ventoux, a time trail and a high mileage day, the riders’ recovery strategy will be in full swing with lots of rest, massages and food to ensure they are recovered as much as possible and ready to take on the last five days to ride towards making history!

Not a bad spot for rest day?

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Riders and Rest Days

Rest days are all about recovery. It is so important for the riders of the Tour de France to recover well and rest so that they do not tire or exhaust their muscles, especially with 5 days to go! Team Sky’s rest day routine was recently revealed on Cycling Weekly, and it consisted of a whole lot of sleep, a strict diet and a gentle two hour ride to keep their muscles working, albeit not working too hard.

Riders in Team Sky (and more than likely the other pro teams too) are advised to follow an active recovery process. This means that although they are to take it easy and rest, they must ensure that they remain active so that their body and muscles don’t cramp up and become a problem ahead of the final stages of the Tour. The use of foam rollers and ice baths are common amongst athletes and cyclists alike during any recovery stage, an exercise in which we can expect the Tour de France riders to be following today.

Tour de France Today


Tour de France Today

Starting in Normandy and ending on the Champs Elysee, the Tour de France will run for three weeks of climbs, sprints and lots of cycling action. Read updates of the Tour de France today from ProBikeKit.

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Tour de France Rest Day 2: Berne

The Swiss capital city has, of course, made historical contributions to the Tour and as the Tour de France is their third largest sporting event in their calendar behind the Olympics and the football World Cup; the atmosphere will be electric in the Stade de Suisse. The famous Fabian Cancellara, born in Bern, has been the most regular wearer of the Yellow Jersey so there is no surprise that this capital adores the Tour De France. He recently announced that he will be retiring from pro cycling after the Tour de France -his career achievements are admired through the peloton.


The city has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983 and is home to over 100 Swiss Heritage Sites of National Significance. All are worth a visit but there are only just a handful of sites that you’ll be able to fit into your tourist itinerary on the second rest day. The Old Town is home to a few historical sites to see, such as the Cathedral which is the tallest in Switzerland, and a number of 16th Century fountains.

Lying on the Swiss plateau in the Canton of Bern, just north of the Bernese Alps, the city has some stunning views and scenery, not to mention the exhausting mountain climbs in the stage prior to this rest day. So whilst you’re having a day off waiting for the Tour de France to commence, grasp the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of Bern; its culture, history and gorgeous scenery is not one to miss!

The Tour de France kicks off again tomorrow for the final stages before arriving at the Champs Elysee.

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