New In: Prologo Saddles 2016

Prologo – your own perfect Saddle. Prologo Saddles have supported many world champions in more ways than one and you could say literally! And because of this they are one of the most prominent saddle brands in cycling world, with riders such as Peter Sagan and Alberto Contador riding them.

Something you hear too often is how riders are uncomfortable and are always striving for that perfect fit. Prologo identify all issues that riders experience, you will hear riders complain about different things, whilst some get saddle numbness other slip around and can’t stay still in the saddle. But Prologo have got this covered. Prologo hear an issue and find a solution. Having the best riders in the world on their saddles they can listen to the requirements and work passionately to create the perfect fit – for everyone.

Pro Cycling Teams who use Prologo Saddles


2016 Teams: Tinkoff | Lampre Merida | Top Sport Vlaanderen | Bora Argon 18 | Cofidis | Direct Energie | One Pro Cycling

Prologo Saddle Features

Prologo don’t just shape their saddles without putting science and engineering into consideration. All the designs have a purpose, a meaning and a performance benefit behind them.  Designs like the ESD – (Ergo Shape Design) are cut to create more room space for the legs, so ideal for cyclists with bigger muscle mass around this area (not all of us are built like Chris Froome!), and not all of us are the same shape, so this design makes perfect sense to give you the room you need to perform to the max and eliminating movement whilst on board. Whilst the PROLOGO Zero-II Tirox Saddle is designed to allow room for movement for sports such as MTB riding and shorter punchy rides.

  • CPC: Connect Performance Control

This revolutionary new Prologo saddle is quite something. The CPC is a material used on the surface on some of Prologo’s higher-end saddles to provide grip and elasticity. Not only does this provide grip to help to remain in the correct position, it also promotes blood flow to prevent that familiar and unwanted numbness. The material is made out of polymer; surfaced across the seat of the saddle, it creates a spongy cushion seat when you sit down as the material expands when weight is applied. The grip comes from open tops of the tubes which contract in this instance and create a kind of suction effect so you can concentrate on what you are supposed to do and that is to pedal the bike.


  • PAS: Perineal Area System

The Perineal Area System is a technology used on Prologo Saddles to provide riders with optimal comfort whilst cycling. Any saddle with PAS in the title is manufactured with a groove in the middle of the seat to prevent any pressure or  numbing sensations on the perineal area when riding; which is particularly handy for those longer rides.


As well as these two features, Prologo Saddles are designed in three main shapes: round, semi-round and flat. Each shape of saddle has its respective purpose and is suitable for different types of riding:

  • Round: Prologo Scratch

For the less flexible rider, the rear curves up a little, which in turn rotates your hips forward to enable to to deliver more power.

  • Semi-round: Prologo Nago

Same as the round shape but not quite as severe.

  • Flat: Prologo Zero II

For somebody flexible at the hips, flat saddles allows you to move around on it more freely.

Not forgetting the time trial saddles and “Space” saddles which are designed for all day comfort without sacrificing performance, so these particular ones are a bit wider than the rest of the range. Prologo saddles generally come in two widths, so make sure you get it right. See the Prologo MyOwn site for more information.

A lovely little finishing touch of the Prologo which makes it very much ‘Your Own’ is the interchangeable clip at the rear of the saddle. This can be removed and replaced with a light, saddlebag or a country flag – whatever suits you.


Prologo Saddles: rail types

  • T2.0 Rails

The more affordable steal / chromo rails. These include Prologo Scratch ProPrologo Zero IIPrologo Kappa Evo, and much more available at ProBikeKit.

  • Tirox

Prologo’s name for their Alloy saddle rails. Includes: Prologo CPC Nago Evo, Prologo Zero II TiroxPrologo Nago Evo Tirox, amongst others.

  • Nack

Nack is Prologo’s range of carbon saddle rails. Here at ProBikeKit, we have a selection of Nack Saddles, such as the Prologo Zero II PAS.

To  get your fit just right check out the sizing guide that Prologo have worked to perfect to give you the performance you have been looking for: Prologo MyOwn site, and don’t forget to head over to ProBikeKit to shop all Prologo Saddles today!

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