For decades Shimano has been the brand instantly synonymous with quality, durability and all round class. The engineering behind Shimano’s cycling components has propelled professional riders to the front of the peloton many times over, as well as encouraging amateur and hobbyist riders to take it to the next level in all aspects of their performance. Much like a trusted household name, it seems that Shimano goes hand in hand with cycling, perhaps it’s even safe enough to say that they’re the components everyone strives towards, and wishes to have on their ride.


Shimano brand history – the birth of the ultimate cycling components.

Shimano started life as Shimano Iron Works, the creation of Shozaburo Shimano in Sakai City in Osaka, Japan. The 26 year old entrepreneur set about with his small budget, with the ambitious task of producing cycling wheels. After trading successfully for over thirty years, accomplishments came thick and fast for Shimano, which would eventually lead to them becoming a prominent leader in the cycling world.

Just a handful of these milestones included: the production of the first internal speed changer with  a 3 speed hub, the establishment of Shimano American Corporation in New York, The launch of the official Shimano Racing Team and then the launch of some now very well known lines of cycling components. Read on to find out more about these lines.


Shimano  105 Cycling Components

Shimano 105 pedal

The Shimano 105 range is the precise point where affordability meets performance, and with Shimano, you’re always getting the best performance.

Combining the elements of pure quality, with hard-wearing, long lasting materials, the Shimano 105 set is a great entry in to the Shimano family. Streamlined to contain the necessary components of a great groupset, the 105 range contains all you need for a precise, highly-engineered ride. Check out our complete range of Shimano 105 cycling components here.


Shimano Ultegra Cycling Components

Shimano Ultegra brake lever

Focussing on efficient power transfer and complete control of the road, The Shimano Ultegra components range have long been the favourite of cyclists around the world, whether on the city roads, country roads or even the pro peloton; Ultegra is the name loyal fans stick to.

Switch quickly to the new Ultegra 6800 11-speed range, currently used by professional tour riders and classics riders too, these are road-tested components that are renowned for their reliability ride after ride after ride, performing at the highest level every time.

With Ultegra you can be sure that you’re braking with the best, safest technology, changing gears smoothly and using your strength and endurance to efficiently conserving power all the while.

If Ultegra cycling components have got your attention, head on over here to check out the complete collection.


Shimano Dura-Ace Cycling Components

Shimano dura ace chain set

Dura-Ace is the collection that Shimano take pure price in, it’s their most innovative, forward-thinking cycling component range yet. Featuring premium materials, electronic shifting options and ultimate stealth-like technologies, the Dura-Ace range confidently leads the Shimano vision forward without hesitation.

When Shimano say ‘Shift your expectations’, they mean to say that they’re shifting their gear to the future of cycling, the technology used in the Dura-Ace range is almost other-worldly. A good example of this is the Di2 technology (Digital Integrated Intelligence), which utilises electronic mechanisms to shift gears, resulting in a smoother, more efficient ride never before thought possible. The Di2 feature also allows the cage to move away from the chain dynamically to reduce gear issues and optimise your ride.

For the full range, and to give your ride that superior edge and performance, browse Shimano Dura-Ace components here.



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