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The term 'drivetrain' simply refers to all of the mechanical parts that transfer the power you put through the pedals into forward momentum. Your pedals attach to the crankset which when turned drives the chain which is also attached to the cassette on your rear wheel. As the cassette turns so does the rear wheel which propels you forward. The derailleurs, otherwise known as 'mechs', are also a key part of any road bike drivetrain. Front and rear derailleurs are mechanisms that allow you to move the position of your chain which alters the level of resistance. These mechanisms can be moved using either cables that are connected to your gear levers/shifters or with systems such as Di2 or EPS which are electronic groupsets.

Here at ProBikeKit,you're just we stock all the necessary parts for your drivetrain, whether you have a component that needs replacing due to wear over time, or you're just looking to make an upgrade. Chains are often the first thing to wear out on your drivetrain and regularly need replacing. Chainrings can be changed to suit each riders needs. Many cyclists use a 52/36 chainring combination, known as semi-compact, while others use a bigger gear such as 53/39 or a smaller, compact set-up. Cassettes can be altered depending on the terrain, if you're heading to a mountainous region such as the Alps or Mallorca, for example, it's advisable to change from an 11-25 block to an 11-28.

Last but not least we have derailleurs and shifters that allow you to move between cassette sprockets and chainrings. Shimano, Campagnolo and Sram all off a range of drivetrain products for both road and mountain bikes to suit every rider.

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