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To The Edge

Garmin Edge cycling computers are really the go-to bike computer for many cyclists. As one of the most established brand’s in the sports-tech world, Garmin certainly knows a thing or two about producing a well-thought-out device. In the Edge series of products, regardless of what end of the range you opt for, you can be assured that it’s a quality and reliable device.

An Edge GPS cycling computer will enable you to keep a log of your rides, which you can then upload to the likes of Garmin Connect, Strava, and a plethora of other online ride-tracking platforms. These computers are equipped with GPS technology, so that your position can be recorded via GPS satellites, as well as GLONASS and Galileo.

But mere riding tracking is very much the bare minimum of what these devices can do. For one, that satellite data can be put to use with detailed turn-by-turn navigation. Create your own routes, on your choice of routing software, upload it to your device and you’ll never need get lost again. With the more advanced, top-of-the-range models you can even automatically generate routes with the device itself. This is incredibly useful for exploring unfamiliar territory.

Up Your Training

If training and performance are important to you, you can pair your Edge device to a number of additional pieces of sports tech. Take a look at our bundle offers and you’ll see that heart rate monitors, and speed/cadence sensors are common options. Power meters have become common places among the pro peloton, and now used by an ever-increasing number of amateur riders. An Edge computer, paired with a power meter, will let you see your power (in watts) live, and other metrics via Garmin’s Cycling Dynamics.

To The Edge and Beyond

Edge devices range from more basic to the latest and greatest tech on offer. At the lower end of the spectrum you’ll generally get a smaller device, with more buttons, and a less rich display. More expensive models have clear, touchscreen displays. Of course, the more expensive and advance the computer is, the more features it’ll have packed in. That being said, even a comparatively lower-end model is packed full of handy features. If you’re coming from a basic, wired cycling computer these more budget options will still be a huge step up. In the most advanced devices, you’ll get more features than you can ever possibly need, including for navigation and training.