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Do You Need a Bundle?

The American sports-tech brand offers a variety of bundle options; the Garmin Edge 830 bundle with a heart rate monitor, and cadence and speed sensor, for example. With this set up, you’ll have all the data metrics you need to boost your cycling performance. If you’re looking to start training interactively on your indoor trainer, this bundle is enough to get going on the likes of Zwift and TrainerRoad. If you keep your trainer setup consistent, a speed and cadence sensor can be used to give virtual power, which is an estimate of your power output.

Off-Road Bundles

The Garmin Edge 130 Plus or 530 MTB bundles are a great option for the off-road aficionados. These bundles come with a GPS cycling computer packed with the brand’s mountain bike dynamics, so you can track your jump count and distance, hangtime, how well you’ve nailed a trail, among others. What’s more, in addition—with the Edge 130 Plus bundle—you get a protective case, an MTB specific out-front mount, a speed sensor, and the Edge remote control.

The Edge remote control is a very handy device, especially for off-road trails when you want to minimize how much time you spend with your hands off the bars. When riding off road, a speed sensor is a very useful piece of kit. Although GPS cycling computers offer a pretty good representation of your speed, when you’re riding in areas covered by dense tree cover (as is common off road) or are climbing slowly (again, as is common on steep off-road ascents), it can be difficult to get accurate readings. A speed sensor isn’t reliant on steady GPS signals and so offers accurate data wherever you’re riding.

Varia Bundle

The Edge 1040 and 1030 bundles, with Garmin’s Varia Radar and rear light are a great way to get two of the sports-tech maker’s most advanced products. Paired with the Edge 1040 and a smartphone, the Varia Radar will notify you when there is a vehicle approaching.

So, if you’re looking for a cycling computer, as well as all the related accessories like a cadence/speed sensor, heart rate monitor, or even a Varia Radar look no further: we stock a wide range of Garmin bike computer bundles.