Shimano Cycling Shoes

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With clip-in shoes you're not simply pedalling, you're generating power. With each pull and push, clip-in shoes help you to gain momentum, make pace, and more importantly win races. Shimano cycling shoes are notoriously durable, efficient and high-performing. Adding a pair of these to your cycling wardrobe repertoire will boost your game and performance.

Shimano cycling shoes sizing and fit

Shimano cycling shoes are labelled in European sizes, so it is simple and easy to convert them into your UK size. As far as fit goes, Shimano's cycling shoes come with adjustable straps, allowing you to tighten or loosen depending on your preference.

Shimano triathlon shoes 

Shimano triathlon shoes are designed to be easily removed under pressure when time is tight. The modification of a single strap rather than a double or triple. means you have less things to think about when coming up to your transitions. 

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