Road Bike Headwear

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Cycling caps are an extremely useful piece of clothing, especially on the road. Besides being stylish, they serve a multitude of purposes. A cycling cap, or casquette, sits underneath your helmet and protects your head in all weather condition. On hot days when the sun is beating down on you, a cap will prevent the top of your head from burning through the vents in your helmet. On cold, wet days a casquette offers a layer of protection from the wind and rain.

Cycling caps and hats come with a peak which protects your eyes while you ride. Cycling sunglasses can sometimes steam up in wet conditions, a cap protects your eyes from rainfall should you choose to remove your sunglasses. On sunny days a peak can keep the glare out and ensure you can see the road in front of you.

As well as being functional, road cycling caps are stylish and make for a great gift for the discerning cyclist in your life. With a great range available from the biggest brands such as Castelli, Sportful and Santini you'll always be able to find a cycling cap that suits you at ProBikeKit!

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