Modern Gearing

Today’s curly-bar bikes are faster and more capable. Riders want a bike with the wide range gearing to match their wide range of cycling pursuits. But, range is only one half of the equation; they also want a drivetrain that offers the right gear for any situation. So, SRAM has developed X-Range gearing: 3 new chainring sets and 3 new cassettes that cover all riders’ needs, from WorldTour to endurance and gravel.
X-Range achieves this by moving some of the gear range from the front of the drivetrain to the back. That is, we’ve employed a smaller, consistent difference (13 teeth) between the chainrings while giving the cassettes wider range (up to 10-33, or 330%!). That means you can stay on the same ring longer, requiring fewer front shifts, which are inherently less efficient than rear shifts. And when a front shift is executed, the smaller jump is smoother and allows you to get to the right cadence with fewer compensation shifts in the rear. Fewer, faster front shifts makes it easier for you to find the right gear, and that’s a distinct performance advantage relative to traditional drivetrains.

You might notice that X-Range relies on cassettes built around a 10-tooth start. This allows us to keep the cogs and chainrings smaller overall, eliminating the potential weight gain of a wide-range 11-tooth start drivetrain. And the smaller package reduces system complexity. Only one rear derailleur is required to cover all our chainring and cassette combinations. So, if you’re a flatlander who likes a tight-range cassette, you only need to swap your cassette and chain for a mountain tour. With X-Range, getting everything you’ve always wanted in a drivetrain has never been simpler.