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Whether you're building a winter commuter or a dedicated race bike, we have you covered with a vast range of bike frames. Acting as the centrepiece, it's essential to take care when selecting your bike frame. In terms of materials, most bike frames are made from either carbon fibre, steel, aluminium alloy or titanium. Carbon fibre bike frames are lightweight and stiff, making them perfect for pure performance. Steel bikes, on the other hand, are traditionally very comfortable, which makes them well suited to long-distance riding. Alloy bike frames are relatively stiff and lightweight but also very economical - an excellent choice for racers on a budget. If you're after a frame which balances high durability, comfort and weight with incredible precision, then a titanium bike frame could be the way to go. Whatever type of bike frame you need, whether you're a road cyclist, mountain biker or gravel cyclist, we have you covered. So, shop bike frames at ProBikeKit UK.
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