The 10 Best Cycling Helmets

We've rounded up what we think are the best cycling helmets on the market. Safety, comfort, weight and aerodynamics are all important factors to consider, but who makes the best helmet?

2018-06-30 17:14:16By Tom Bracegirdle


5 Best Cycling Computers

We all like to track our data on the bike and see how far we've been and how fast. These days cycling computers also record power, show Strava Live segments and come with smartphone connectivity and so much more. So, which are the best cycling computers?

2018-05-13 16:36:08By Tom Bracegirdle


The 10 Best Road Bike Saddles for a Comfortable Ride

Find our list of 10 of the best road bike saddles for comfort & performance on the bike. Whether you're riding for hours or a short sprint, there's plenty.

2018-03-11 15:20:37By Tom Bracegirdle


Christmas Gifts for Cyclists

That time of year is almost here again - the endless mince pies, a bit too much brandy on the cake, all the specials on TV. It could only be Christmas, which seems to rear its head earlier every year. We have a really handy guide for you so that you can get the perfect Christmas gifts for cyclists.

2017-12-08 08:30:34By Tom Bracegirdle


5 Best Mountain Bike Accessories to have for Your Ride

2017-10-10 14:16:39By


6 of the Best Upgrades for under £200

Upgrades are components on your bike that you can change to make the biggest performance gains and the best way to make your bike better without buying a whole new bike! But what classes as an upgrade? Lighter, more aerodynamic stiffer components class as upgrades as they can help in making your bike faster and more competitive. So where do you start? And how do you get great upgrades for under £200?

2017-09-22 09:33:39By


Buying Guide to Bike Lights

Are you blinded by the choice of bike lights there are on the market today? Well, this bicycle light buying guide will help you in seeing what bike light is best for you and ensure you are choosing the right one.

2017-09-15 11:56:25By


5 Best Mountain Bike Pedals

We've listed our top 5 mountain bike pedals that are available to buy from

2017-09-14 17:23:29By Tom Bracegirdle


The 5 Best Winter Cycling Jackets to keep you on your Bike this Season

As the frosty mornings draw in and the rain starts to spit, going for a cycle becomes much more of a chore than usual. You may have lost all motivation, or have been put off by the cold temperatures outside, but if you make sure that you’ve got a good quality cycling jacket then you'll have no problem hopping on the bike this winter!

2017-09-10 17:00:32By Elizabeth Demetriou


The 5 Best Winter Bike Tyres for your Ride this Season

To get yourself ready for the racing season, it's imperative that you get on the bike throughout the winter. With the bad weather, cold rides and dark nights drawing in, it's probably a good idea to invest in some reliable winter bike tyres to take you through some pretty tough riding conditions.

2017-09-07 16:07:18By Elizabeth Demetriou