The 10 Best Cycling Helmets

It’s uncommon in this day and age to see a cyclist on the road without a helmet. I don’t know about you, but a helmet has undoubtedly saved my life on countless occasions. It’s not worth taking the risk of riding without one. Advancements in safety systems and improved designs have meant that bicycle helmets are not only safer now than they were 20 years ago, but also more aesthetically pleasing. They’re comfortable, lightweight and offer you somewhere to store your sunglasses.

What to look for when choosing a helmet:

Protection is the most important aspect of any bike helmet and most are made with a polycarbonate shell. The best helmets on the market feature technology such as MIPS or SPIN which is designed to reduce rotational forces. It’s important to think about what you want from a helmet, some are designed purely for aerodynamics and other for ventilation. The very best cycling helmets excel in both areas. Many helmets also reduce drag and offer improved aerodynamics, saving you valuable watts. If you live in a particularly hot climate then you may be best off with a helmet that is well ventilated such as the Giro Synthe or POC Octal. Comfort and aesthetics are also important factors to consider.

The Best Cycling Helmets:

  1. POC Ventral SPIN Helmet Raceday Edition - Hydrogen White
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    POC Ventral SPIN Helmet Raceday Edition - Hydrogen White

    Designed and developed with the Education First-Cannondale Drapac Pro Cycling Team, The POC Ventral SPIN features a unique design that looks to offer protection, improved aerodynamics and ventilation. POC say that this is the fastest helmet they have ever produced. The Ventral’s design pulls air through the helmet, instead of directing air around the outside. This reduces drag and also keeps your head cool. An optimised trailing edge also reduces turbulence.

    The POC Ventral uses SPIN technology which reduces the amount of force transmitted to the skull in the event of a crash. This is achieved using pads inserted with a gel that allows the helmet to move relative to the head.

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  2. Giro Cinder MIPS Road Helmet - 2019
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    Giro Cinder MIPS Road Helmet - 2019

    The Cinder is one of Giro’s newest models. It provides all the features you’d expect from a high-end helmet but at a very reasonable price. Inspired by the Synthe (see below), the Cinder is a great looking helmet, available in a wide range of colours.

    Air-FX padding offers comfort during even the longest of rides and MIPS technology greatly reduces the risk of ahead injury in the event of a crash. If you want the very best but you’re on a budget then look no further.

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  3. Oakley ARO5 Helmet - Blackout
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    Oakley ARO5 Helmet - Blackout

    Designed to cut through the air and help you win heart-pounding sprint finishes, the ARO5 is aerodynamic, comfortable and lightweight. Oakley is a big name in the world of cycling; their sunglasses are some of the most desirable on the market. Recently, they brought out a new range of helmets that are currently being worn by World Tour teams Katusha-Alpecin and Dimension Data.

    MIPS technology and a moisture-wicking brow pad keep you safe in the event of a crash and keep sweat out of your eyes. Oakley offers the ARO5 in a range of colours including Atomic Blue and Retina Burn. The slightly less aerodynamic ARO3 is a great option if you’re after a highly-ventilated helmet.

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  4. Salice Levante Helmet
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    Salice Levante Helmet

    The Salice Levante is one of the most affordable aero helmets on the market. While the primary focus is on making you faster, the Levante also features 14 aeration slits to keep you cool. Available in six distinctive colours, you can choose a model that best matches your kit. A removable, breathable mesh inner is a nice touch. If you’ve ever had a bee fly into your helmet you’ll know that it’s not a fun experience!

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  5. Rudy Project Racemaster Helmet
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    Rudy Project Racemaster Helmet

    Rudy Project truly are specialists when it comes to designing the best cycling helmets. The Racemaster, as used by Vincenzo Nibali, features an aggressive design as well as Hexocrush technology – a structural design that dissipates impact forces. A uniquely designed helmet tail reduces drag caused by a vortex behind the helmet which not only improves aerodynamics but also reduces neck strain.

    A new garage eyewear dock at the back of the helmet provides an innovative way of storing your sunglasses. Having them stored in the front of your helmet can increase the chance of them falling out when you’ve got your head down. The Racemaster is well-ventilated and will keep you cool in even the hottest of conditions. Available in a range of colourways to suit every rider, we think Rudy Project are on to a winner here.

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  6. Lazer Z1 Helmet - Camo Flash Green
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    Lazer Z1 Helmet - Camo Flash Green

    At just 225 grams, the Lazer Z1 is one of the lightest helmets on the market. Supreme cooling capabilities ensures over-heating is a thing of the past. The Z1 is also extremely comfortable and features one of the best adjustment systems I’ve seen on road helmet. Lazer calls it ‘Rollsys’ and it offers incremental adjustment with just the roll of a dial. All of the above adds up to create a helmet that you forget you’re wearing within seconds of being out on the road.

    T-Pro coverage on the Z1 improves protection of the temple, where Lazer say the skull is the weakest. Available in Camo Orange and Blue/Black, the Z1 is comfortable, well ventilated and well designed.

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  7. Giro Synthe MIPS Road Helmet - 2019
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    Giro Synthe MIPS Road Helmet - 2019

    The Giro Synthe, is it the best cycling helmet on the market? Many would argue so. I’ve been riding in the Synthe for a few months now and it constantly impresses me. It’s certainly the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever worn thanks to a simple but effective adjustment system and well-positioned straps.

    It ticks the boxes as being aerodynamic and highly ventilated so you benefit from the best of both worlds. As you’d expect, the Synthe comes with MIPS technology giving you the peace of mind that you’re well protected should you fall. It’s a little more expensive than the some of the other helmets in our top 10 but when you get your hands on one you’ll understand why. The quality, comfort and technology is nothing short of exceptional.

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  8. MET Strale Road Helmet
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    MET Strale Road Helmet

    If you’re new to road cycling then you might be looking to balance affordability with safety and performance. The MET Strale is one of MET’s entry-level helmets but after closer inspection, we’d argue that the Strale is anything but entry-level.

    For starters, it looks great. You’d be hard pushed to find a more aesthetically pleasing helmet for the price. Secondly performance, the Strale draws cool air in and pushes hot air out through a neatly designed channelling system. Finally, and most importantly, a reflective rear sticker, optional Duo-LED light and shock absorbing Polystyrene shell keep you as safe as can be.

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  9. Smith Overtake MIPS Bicycle Helmet
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    Smith Overtake MIPS Bicycle Helmet

    The Smith Overtake provides maximum ventilation, superior aerodynamics and excellent protection in the event of a crash. X-Static with reactive cooling performance lining and an ultra-light single layer webbing will keep you cool when it’s hot and protected when it’s cold. MIPS technology and an Aerocore In-mould design improve both safety and aerodynamics.

    The Overtake certainly features an ‘unusual’ design. It’s aggressive and unique, but we like it. Smith claims that in wind-tunnel testing the Overtake offers performance benefits similar to that of an Evade.

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  10. POC Octal Helmet - Navy Black
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    POC Octal Helmet - Navy Black

    The Octal is fantastically light and tips the scales at less than 200 grams. Don’t mistake a lack of weight for a lack of protection though. POC have actually increased coverage of the temple and back of the head without increasing weight thanks to a monocoque design.

    Speaking of design, the Octal is striking, few helmets out there will catch your attention like this one does. A comfortable and secure fit ensures peace of mind while out riding. The Octal excels when it comes to ventilation thanks to large vents through its construction. If Aero is your number one consideration then check out the OCTAL Aero.

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