How do the Pros lead out sprinters?

The winners of bike races are quite often decided by a sprint finish, and surprisingly it's not all about the rider that comes over the finish line first. Without the help of his teammates, they couldn't execute the perfect finish.

2017-04-18 12:48:15By Heidi Anderson


Does Caffeine Boost Performance?

Ahh Coffee... as cyclists we love coffee! Weather it's the taste, the performance enhancing qualities, the social aspect of it or the smell. Whatever the reason, coffee has some very, very interesting facts.

2017-04-07 13:54:58By Heidi Anderson


How to Change an Inner Tube: 10 Simple Steps

There are two solutions to a flat tyre. You can either patch it up in the workshop, or you can simply change and replace your inner tube. The latter is much quicker and easier, especially if you need a fix mid-ride!

2017-04-07 10:43:03By Elizabeth Demetriou


The 10 Best Cycling Shorts for a comfortable ride

There are two aspects that you need to look for when buying cycling shorts; bibs and padding. We've put together a list of the 10 best shorts that have both of these factors.

2017-03-27 09:56:11By Elizabeth Demetriou


5 Best Cycling Sunglasses to Protect your Eyes when Riding

There are many benefits of wearing sunglasses whilst cycling. First and foremost it helps with your vision as the shaded lenses block out the sunshine giving you an easy ride for your eyes.

2017-03-22 10:19:48By Elizabeth Demetriou


Noisy bike: Where is the noise coming from?

2017-03-21 13:47:36By Heidi Anderson


When to change your bike tyres

At the risk of stating the obvious, without tyres your bike simply does not run! No matter what tech bling you have on it and how light you have managed to get it. Even £1000 wheels don't run without tyres on them. So you could say it is quite important to make sure your tyres are in good condition and do the job

2017-03-14 16:19:34By Heidi Anderson


8 Tips on How to Ride in a Group

So you are a keen cyclist and are now looking to take part in your first race, join a club or attend a local reliability ride, but are nervous about the amount of riders that will be around you you may want a few tips and pointers on how you the etiquette of the cycling world.

2017-03-07 16:33:12By Heidi Anderson


5 Top Things To Carry When Racing

5 top essential things to carry when racing. You don't want to be carry a whole heap of things but you do need to carry some essential things. Here are the top 5 most important.

2017-02-28 12:39:08By Heidi Anderson


7 Top Tips On What To Do When You Get Dropped

Been dropped from the group? Don't fret - it happens to many cyclists! Explore our top tips on how to get back up to speed, and back into the group.

2017-02-23 12:31:14By Heidi Anderson