Sports Nutrition: sweets or gels?

Isotonic, 2:1, triple action…. You can be forgiven for recognising these terms but have no idea why they’re relevant to you. After all, these are just marketing terms banded around by nutrition brands, right?

2017-04-13 16:59:22By Casey Walker


How To Get More Power From Your Legs

Power, we all want more. We are always trying to eek out a little bit more, whether it's loosing weight to increase your power to weight ratio, whether its buying more aero kit, aero wheels, lighter bikes, we are always striving to achieving a little bit more. But what if you are missing the obvious. Power doesn't just come from your legs...

2017-03-17 14:05:47By Heidi Anderson


Fuelling for your Rides

The list of different types of cycling is amazing. You can road ride, mountain bike, hill climb, track race, time-trial and BMX. Each discipline needs to be fuelled slightly differently, so we've put together a nutrition guide for a number of disciplines.

2017-02-21 16:51:48By Heidi Anderson


How to get lean muscle through cycling

How do you get lean strong muscle through cycling? It's not just about miles anymore, there is more to it. Read our blog to find out more.

2017-02-17 10:20:52By Heidi Anderson


4 Quick and Easy Meals for Cyclists

Quick, easy, tasty and simple meal ideas for cyclists. Get real food prepared and cooked quickly for the busy lifestyle you lead.

2017-02-10 12:26:57By Heidi Anderson


Turbo Training Sessions and Virtual Reality

Read about virtual reality apps and how they can help your turbo training.

2017-02-07 15:02:32By Heidi Anderson


How to get Fit Quick on the Bike

No big changes, no drastic moves, or revamping yourself. No master plans or hundreds of pounds in gym membership. Just try a few simple easy techniques to improve you strength and fitness the cheat way.

2017-01-05 09:00:17By Heidi Anderson


How to Improve your Fitness with Cycling

Cycling does wonders for your overall fitness. You can use it as part of cross-training for another sport like running or swimming, or as a complete beginner to improving your fitness - it's the perfect alternative.

2016-12-23 13:42:09By Elizabeth Demetriou


5 Tips for Running in the Cold

A great form of cross-training is running, but how do you tackle running in the cold during winter? Read our 5 top running tips for training in winter here!

2016-11-19 10:00:55By Elizabeth Demetriou


Cycling Nutrition Plan

Cyclists require a lot of energy to endure their intense training regimes, and this cannot be done without a well-thought out nutrition plan. We have teamed up with the sports nutritionists over at Myprotein to help you structure your diet around training so that you get the best from the hours of tough work on the bike.

2016-11-05 17:40:16By Elizabeth Demetriou