What bike do you need for Cyclo-Cross

At regional level racing, you can race on whatever you want really. This is a really great way to be able to get into the sport, try it out and see if you like it befire comitting your whole life to it. Mountain bikes, adventure bikes, cyclo cross bikes are all permitted. You may even want to ride a road bike but you dont see this very often as you do need some grip on the track and are chunkier tyres are helpful. Riders generally opting for tyres up to 33mm for maximum grip. If yyou are riding a mountin bike then this will vary.

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Cyclo-Cross: 5 Steps to Perfect your Starting Technique

Torq Performance team rider, Joe Griffiths, gives 5 top tips on how to perfect your starting technique in Cyclo-cross.

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How to carry speed in Cyclo-cross

Carrying speed is one of those the techniques that if often overlooked. It requires practice. The main parts in which you can lose a lot of speed is either in short sharp climbs, corners and features such as steps and obstacles. We have broken these techniques into small bite size bits for you so you can use these in a real life situations.

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How to Ride Through Mud in Cyclo-Cross

If you haven't already realised cyclo-cross is a mud sport. It means riding through the winter months until around January time. This means bad weather, and bad weather means mud. We give you some top tips to prepare yourself for racing this season.

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Running Technique for Cyclo-Cross

Running is part of cyclo-cross and cannot be avoided in most races. Generally you have to run because of the terrain or to get your bike over an obstacle that you can't ride over, or get through muddy sections that would otherwise clog up your chain. Here are a few tips to get your technique perfect.

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Cyclo-Cross: How to Get a Good Start

Starting fast is one of the most important skills you need in order to race cyclo-cross successfully. Cyclo-cross is renowned for its fast and furious starts but it can be easier said than done. Read more here for our expert tips!

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Get Started in Cyclo-Cross: 5 Essential Tips

Fancy giving cyclo-cross a go? Read our top tips on how to get started in cyclo-cross for you to practice and become master of mud! And if you need some cross-specific kit, you can find all that you need here at ProBikeKit.

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What is Cyclo-cross?

With action-packed events, and a unique skill to get through the cross race, riders need to be skillful, powerful and very fit to endure the conditions. Learn about cyclo-cross - perhaps the muddiest cycling discipline! Read more here.

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