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Top 10 – Summer Cycling Caps

Cycling is constantly evolving; wireless groupsets, 1x drivetrains, pedal-based power meters and disc brakes are all things you wouldn’t have expected to see on a road bike 10 years ago. The sport’s evolution extends far beyond just componentry. A traditionalist may look at aero socks and see-through summer jerseys and quiver. But in an age where watts and speed is the name of the game, performance benefits are everything.

There is, however, one item of clothing that has seen little in the way of reinvention; the humble cycling cap, otherwise known as ‘casquette’. All of the greats can be found wearing them at one point or another, from Coppi and Anquetil to Merckx and Hinault. Cycling caps are both as stylish and functional today as they were 70 years ago.

Bartoli and Fausto Coppi sat wearing cycling caps.

Top 10 Cycling Caps

  1. Santini Bergamo Collection Colle Gallo Cap - Blue
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    Santini Bergamo Collection Colle Gallo Cap - Blue

    Designed with a central stripe and signature Colle Gallo graphics on the sides, this cycling cap is part of the Santini Bergamo collection. A collection that celebrates three famous climbs in the town where Santini are based. While there are three caps in the range, this design is definitely our favourite and looks classy with a helmet while riding or without at the cafe.

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  2. Sportful Infinite Cap - Black/Black
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    Sportful Infinite Cap - Black/Black

    The Sportful Infinite offers clean essential styling that will compliment almost any outfit. A multi-panel construction and lightweight materials allow the cap to breathe in mild temperatures but will keep the chill off your head should the weather take a turn.

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  3. Bianchi Neon Cap - White
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    Bianchi Neon Cap - White

    Few cycling brands have been around for as long as Bianchi. Established in 1885, they’re renowned for their heritage. The Neon cycling cap comes in white and features the classic styling you’d expect from Bianchi; paying tribute to world championship venues from the past.

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  4. PBK Technical Cycling Cap - Floral
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    PBK Technical Cycling Cap - Floral

    The ProBikeKit Floral Technical cycling cap should be a piece of clothing in every cyclist’s wardrobe this summer. An integrated sweatband and SpeedPro fabric effectively wick away moisture and provide protection from the sun. A unique design combined with great functionality results in a cycling cap we would be proud to wear out on the road.

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  5. Castelli Free Cycling Cap - Red
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    Castelli Free Cycling Cap - Red

    What do you think of when you hear ‘Castelli’? We think of high-quality cycling clothing, performance and passion. The Castelli Free cycling cap reflects these characteristics. The quality is second to none while a four-panel cotton construction provides comfort in all weather conditions. The Free cycling cap is available in a range of colours but this deep red really pops, especially when worn with a jersey of a similar colour.


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  6. Alé Cotton Cap - Black/Yellow
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    Alé Cotton Cap - Black/Yellow

    If you’re going for a more stealthful look than the Ale cotton cap in black and yellow could be right up your street. The simple colourway can paired with any kit choice and a tubular construction helps with fit and temperature regulation.

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  7. Santini Trek-Segafredo 18 Cotton Race Cap - Red
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    Santini Trek-Segafredo 18 Cotton Race Cap - Red

    Cycling caps are a great way to show support for your favourite professional cycling teams. The Trek-Segafredo cotton race cap from Santini is a great gift for the discerning cycling fan in your life, or for yourself! It might not make you as fast as the likes of Jasper Stuyven or John Degenkolb… but it’ll certainly help you look good on the bike.

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  8. Morvelo Cap - KOM
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    Morvelo Cap - KOM

    Having good legs and flying up the climbs evokes a feeling of joy on the bike like no other. As with everything, what goes up, must come down. The King of the Mountains (or KOM) cap from Morvelo is perfect for when you’re out tackling your local climbs. It breathes when you’re going uphill and keeps the chill off your head when you’re heading downhill.

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  9. Sportful Italia Cap - Black/Tricolore
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    Sportful Italia Cap - Black/Tricolore

    Because who doesn’t love the Italian tricolour? The Sportful Italia cycling cap is subtle when worn under a helmet but has a passionate flare about it when unveiled for the world to see. A synthetic mesh insert adds a technical twist to this traditional cotton cap.

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  10. Castelli A/C Cycling Cap - Black
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    Castelli A/C Cycling Cap - Black

    The A/C from Castelli is ideal for those particularly warm summer days and features fabrics not commonly found in the majority of cycling caps. A mesh construction allows for maximum ventilation when the temperature is high but you’re still after some protection from the sun or rain.

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