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Top 6 – Best Bike Multi-Tools

Fitting perfectly in your saddle bag or back pocket, the multi-tool is the Swiss Army Knife of the cycling world. A bike multi-tool can be used to fix a serious mechanical problem or simply adjust your bike setup while out cycling. We’ve chosen 6 of our favourites that we believe tick all the boxes in terms of functionality, quality and price.

Fabric 8-in-1 Multi-tool

This well-equipped, versatile multi-tool from Fabric is ideal for any small road-side repairs or adjustments you may need to make. The 8-in-1 features CNC’d steel tools, a lightweight aluminium body and ergonomic sides. It’s the most compact of our top 6 multi-tools and can be easily stored in your jersey pocket.

Lezyne RAP 15 CO2 Multi-tool

The RAP 15 CO2 is an all singing all dancing bike multi-tool from accessories and tools specialists Lezyne. An integrated CO2 dispenser, chain breaker and spoke wrenches are ideal should you find yourself with a flat tyre, snapped chain or buckled wheel. CRV+ corrosion resistant parts and ergonomic aluminium side plates make the RAP 15 both durable and a pleasure to work with.

Lezyne also offer the RAP 14 (same as the above but without the CO2 dispenser) and smaller models such as the V-7 and V-11

Topeak Alien XS Multi-Tool

Don’t be put off by the name! The Topeak Alien XS is a brilliant little bike multi-tool with a few cool additions that you don’t find on many other multi-tools. A stainless steel knife is perfect if you find yourself needing to cut or open something. If you fancy a refreshing beverage after a ride then the Alien XS has you covered as it comes with a bottle opener as well as the usual Allen wrenches and screwdrivers.

Birzman Feexman Alloy 12 Multi-Tool

The Birzman Feexman features almost all the tools you need and none of the ones you don’t. Like the Fabric, the Birzman is sleek, stylish and compact. The only tool you could argue is missing is a spoke key, but everything else is there, including a high-quality chain rivet extractor. It’s slightly more expensive than some of our other top 6 bike multi-tools but given the weight, quality and functionality, it’s very fairly priced.

TOBE 19 in 1 Folding Multi-Tool

The TOBE 19 in 1 is similar to the Topeak Alien XS in that you get a lot of bang for your buck. It’s currently the most affordable bike multi-tool in our top 6 and features an incredible 19 different tools. With this in your saddle bag, you’d struggle to encounter a mechanical problem that couldn’t be fixed at the road-side. Chain tool, spoke keys, Allen keys… it’s got them all. An ingenious design also means that it can split in two and be used as tyre levers!

Unior Euro 13 Multi-Tool

Last but not least is the big daddy in our top 6 of bike multi-tools. The Unior Euro 13 may feature slightly fewer tools than some of the others listed above but the quality of those present is sublime. Tool spindles are chrome plated while the tips are black oxide coated to ensure the highest tolerance and greater durability. With the Euro 13, you’ll never ’round’ off a bolt and you’ll never need to shop for a multi-tool every again.

Unior also offer the Euro 6 and Euro 7

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