Cycling Waterproofs

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Sometimes, riding in the rain is unavoidable. There's nothing worse than being caught out in a downpour when you're a long way from home. If the weather is unpleasant you can head out in full wet weather gear, other times it can be worth taking a waterproof jacket with you in your pocket just-in-case, even on nice days. 

It's possible to dress from head to toe in waterproof cycling clothing these days. Two of the most recognisable waterproof jackets in cycling are the Castelli Gabba and the Sportful Fiandre. Both are available in 'light', short sleeve, long sleeve and even sleeveless options, so you can be ready for the biggest rainstorm or the lightest shower. The full Fiandre range also features shorts and accessories such as warmers, shoe cover and caps. Lightweight rain jackets that can be packed away into your back pocket are perfect for if the weather takes a sudden turn. 

Your hands and feet are two of the first body parts to get cold when they get wet. It's crucial to keep them protected which is why we offer a great selection of waterproof gloves, socks and shoe covers from the best cycling clothing brands like Santini, Castelli and Sportful

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