Road Bike Tights & Trousers

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Nothing does a better job of keeping your legs warm on a cold day than a good pair of cycling tights. Bib-tights are designed with varying levels of protection; most are fleece lined however some are windproof and others are even waterproof. Their purpose is to protect the muscles and joints in your legs when you're out on the bike in unpleasant weather conditions.

Road bib-tights are made with premium materials to keep them lightweight, which is important if you're going to be out on the bike all day. Having full freedom of movement is as important as keeping your legs toasty and warm. Tights and trousers are constructed with chamois pads, similar to cycling shorts, that offer exceptional comfort and reduce chaffing.

At ProBikeKit we've got a great selection of road tights and trousers from brands such as Castelli, Sportful and Santini.

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