Road Cycling Shoes

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Road cycling shoes are crucial to both comfort and performance on the bike. The cleat-pedal system used by all road shoes creates a stable platform which improves pedalling efficiency. We offer a great range of men's and women's road shoes from the biggest brands such as Sidi, Giroand Shimano. The best road shoes are made with carbon soles for maximum stiffness. This, in turn, helps to transfer every watt of power from your legs to the cranks. 

The upper material used for road cycling shoes is perforated and breathable to ensure your feet can breathe during even the hottest of rides. Cycling shoes come with a variety of mechanisms to secure the shoe to your foot. Some use BOA dials or ratchet systems while others use laces or velcro straps. Each works in a slightly different way but all are designed to make sure your foot doesn't move around in your shoe.

A decent pair of road shoes will transform how you cycle; you'll be more efficient, faster, and more comfortable. 

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