Road Bike Gloves

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There are many benefits to wearing a pair of gloves when cycling on the road. They offer improved grip, comfort, protection and aerodynamics. Not all road gloves look the same though, some are fingerless and lightweight while others are thick and cover your whole hands. This is because cycling gloves are designed for specific periods of the year, the gloves you wear in summer won't be the same as the gloves you wear in winter.

Summer cycling gloves are lightweight and breathable to prevent your hands from overheating when riding in warm conditions. They're also fingerless to improve dexterity when changing gears at high-speed. Padding on the palms provides protection in the event of a crash but also reduces road vibration which prevents blisters. The most common material used on the palms of road cycling gloves are suede and silicon. Both increase grip over the handlebars providing you with more control over the bike.

Winter road gloves keep your hands warm when riding on even the coldest of days. Windproof and waterproof materials help to keep the elements at bay while fleece-lined fabrics provide warmth and increase blood circulation. Like summer gloves, winter gloves feature padded silicon palms to reduce road vibration and increase grip.

Browse a huge range of road cycling gloves at ProBikeKit! Check out our guide to the best winter gloves if you're unsure which will be best for you during those cold months.

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