The driving force of your bike.<br>A good set of wheels make the world go round......Fast!

The driving force of your bike.
A good set of wheels make the world go round......Fast!

Bike Accessories

Bike accessories are the chance for you to personalise your bike and make it your own unique ride. Adding on extras whether they are intended to enhance speed, protection, or comfort can bring your bike to life aesthetically as well as performance-wise.

When adding any accessory to your bike, you should be thinking about how it affects your riding. The last thing you want is to weigh down your bike or make it less resistant to wind – keep performance in mind.

This Cycling Buying Guide will introduce you to a variety of bike accessories that can improve the look and performance of your bike.

Lightweight Bike Wheels

Lightweight Bike Wheels

Looking at the weight of road bike wheels is a great starting point for a cyclist wanting to upgrade. Generally lighter wheels will make ascending and climbing easier, which may be something you’re really focussed on. That said, hill climbing could be something that you hate, and so upgrading your road bike wheels to something lighter may be your way of minimising the struggle on the uphill sections so you can enjoy the flats and sprints. Either way, lightweight bike wheels are your best option. A good, lightweight set of wheels can be priceless, and if you’re looking to save money and weight, we recommend something like the Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset.

Aerodynamic Bike Wheels

Aerodynamic Bike Wheels

For some people, mainly triathletes and time trial fiends, aerodynamics and speed are much more important factors than weight. This is where aerodynamic wheels (or aero wheels) come in. The deep rim on an aerodynamic bike wheel express a ‘thick’ look characteristic. Although this feature undoubtedly adds extra weight, the thick, deep rims help air and wind pass smoothly around your bike’s wheels, increasing the ability to resist wind and stay streamlined whilst riding. Some bike wheels have protection around the spokes, you might have seen this type of wheel ridden on the velodrome at the Olympics, and as you can imagine, these are a little heavier than your average wheel but also much faster.

Tubeless Bike Wheels

Tubeless wheels are bike wheels that don’t require inner tubes - sounds perfect right? Tubeless tyres are sealed to the wheel, and in case of a puncture can be resealed and reused as a regular tyre would. Manufacturers have claimed that punctures are less common with tubeless tyres, and the growing selection of tubeless wheels available on the market means that going tubeless is beginning to look like a good investment.

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