AXS™ Enabled

When SRAM launched the original RED eTap in 2015, one of its most exciting features was that it was wireless. Now, we’ve taken eTap wireless to the next level with AXS. AXS™ is SRAM’s new bike component integration system that connects electronic bicycle components and software.
Even if you ride a bike to escape modern technology, here’s how AXS can improve your ride:

AXS lets you connect your AXS-enabled components to an app. Everything speaks the same language, and you can even combine road and mountain bike parts to build the party bike of your dreams.

Wireless controls open the door to new levels of customization. With AXS, you can personalize your component behavior to match your riding style and preferences. Turn on enhanced shifting modes, or reassign shifting actions. (More on that later.)

AXS allows you to monitor your bike’s performance and readiness. It’s an easy way to keep tabs on your battery levels—including the CR2032 batteries in eTap shift levers—and keep AXS component firmware up-to-date.
SRAM’s approach to design is always about simplifying the complicated. So even while AXS brings a lot of new options and potential to the way you can build and ride a bike, we were determined to only add features that are truly meaningful to the rider. It’s not tech for the sake of tech. And, you don’t even need a smartphone or the AXS app to enjoy many of its features and benefits. You can change shift behavior directly through the components themselves as well.

One of the highlights of AXS is the ability to personalize shift settings. Turning on Enhanced Shift Mode gives you access to two shift settings.

Sequential shifting activates the next available gear using the assigned upshift and downshift buttons. Automatic actuation of the front derailleur keeps your gear ratio and pedaling cadence steady. You can still manually command a front shift if you need to.