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If it’s a performance groupset you’re looking for, at a more palatable price point than the top of the range, then you need look no further than Shimano’s Ultegra components. Offering similar performance capabilities as their top-tier groupset, Dura-Ace at a lower price point, it represents excellent value for money.
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All-Round Performance

An Ultegra drivetrain offers flawless shifting and incredible all-round performance. It really wouldn’t look out of place on any race-ready road bike. As one of the world’s pre-eminent component makers—as you would expect—Shimano offers its almost-top-of-the-range groupset in a variety of iterations. Whether it’s a complete set, just wheels, or simply a replacement cassette or chain, then we offer a full range of options.

Di2 or Old School

Shift into gear seamlessly with Di2, Shimano’s electronic shifting system. There are few things in cycling as satisfying as gently clicking your shifter, hearing the gentle buzz of an electronic R8150 rear derailleur whirring into life, and feeling a seamless change of gear. Simply click the paddle, and quick as a flash, almost imperceptibly, you’re in a more desirable gear. In the competitive arena of a modern cycling, in those decisive, racing-determining moments, a crisp shift of gear might mean the difference between winning or losing.

Now several generations into production, Di2 has been noticeably honed over its lifetime. Gone are the external wires of previous versions, replaced instead with a clean-looking cockpit. Additionally, the Japanese company’s E-Tube Project software can be connected wirelessly. Then using the app, there are an ever-increasing number of ways to customise your shifting, get software updates, and conduct professional maintenance.

But if you prefer the romance and simplicity of mechanical shifting, the R8000 series keeps you in tune with your gear changes and offers impeccable shifting all the same. It may not be at the cutting edge of bike tech, but it still offers excellent performance.

Rim-Disc Debate

In recent years, few things in cycling have been as divisive as the choice between rim brakes or disc brakes. Thankfully, with the latest iteration of Ultegra, both options are available. The hydraulic braking system is quieter than ever and offers better modulation than previous versions. The completely re-worked design of this system means you’ll be able to balance speed and braking power better than ever before. With such stopping power at your employ, you’ll confidently sail down even the trickiest of steep descents, rain or shine.

But if you’re more of a traditionalist and it’s rim brakes all the way for you, you needn’t worry. Shimano have ramped up the power of its rim brakes. The 8110 series calipers balance weight and rigidity with stopping power. If it’s a set of race calipers, for a mix of road racing and riding, then they’re a strong option. Plus, despite being sleek and low profile, the design will accommodate up to a 28C tyre.

Wheels For Speed

A fresh wheelset on your prized race bike is undoubtedly one of the best upgrades you can make. For the Ultegra range, Shimano have made no secret of the fact they’ve targeted speed as a key outcome. The brand have looked carefully at the key factors they claim influence wheel performance. Firstly, aerodynamics, which is clearly crucial in modern wheel construction, has been optimised at a range of rim depths. But the rigidity and weight of a wheel play a crucial part, too. With a wheel from the 8100 series, you can rest assured that time and effort has gone into ensuring the right combination of this trio of characteristics has taken place. The result is a wheelset that is fast on the flats but won’t weigh you down when the road ascends.

So, whether it’s a hi-tech Di2 groupset or a lightweight rim brake, we offer a great range of Shimano Ultegra bike components at ProBikeKit.