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Shimano Pedals

Shimano offers a broad range of pedals, catering to cyclists of varying disciplines, but they share some things in common. Regardless of whether it’s for maximum-performance on the road or for starting out off road, they are all simple in design, built to last, and dependable.

Across the ranges offered by the Japanese component makers, you’ll find everything from clipless road pedals suitable for the top-performing cyclists of the day, to flat pedals for casual mountain bike rides.

To Clip Or Not To Clip

It’s a common journey among cyclists; you begin with flat pedals, apprehensive about making the jump to clipless ones and having your feet being locked into place. But, as time goes by the lure of clipless grows, there must be a reason they’re favoured by millions of cyclists across the world, right?

Shimano’s clipless pedal, both on the road and off it, are as near to an industry wide standard as there is. Being simple, intuitive to use, light weight, and high-performing it’s easy to understand how they reached this point and why they’re an obvious choice regardless of what type of cyclist you are.

For those of you seeking a replacement pair of pedals or to upgrade to the next notch up the Shimano hierarchy, this will be old news. But, for those of you that are new to this type of mechanism, broadly the Japanese brand offers two platforms for clipless pedals.

SPD is a two-holed system typically used by off-roaders and cyclocross riders, be that for contesting world championships or for casual exploring. But, since you can clip into them on both sides and the accompanying shoes are typically easier to walk in, they are also popular with more casual riders.

For the roadies, SPD-SL is the preferred system. It uses a three-hole system, which is more secure; the more substantial platform of the pedal itself makes for better power transfer, meaning that less of your effort is lost when putting the power down.

Road, Mountain, Tourer

Regardless of the cycling you enjoy, Shimano offers something to help you turn the cranks. For mountain bike SPDs, they are constructed of durable materials, intended to withstand the rigours of an off-road thrashing. On the road, keen racers are catered for by the supremely capable Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and even 105 lines. Lightweight, stiff, and secure SPD-SLs ensure maximum power transfer so that none of your precious watts are lost in that race winning sprint. For the more casual rider or touring cyclist there’s options built with all day comfort in mind.

Shimano pedals are incredibly lightweight, immensely durable and very easy to use. So, whether you're a mountain biker, road rider or commuter, shop the range at ProBikeKit.