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An (Cat)Eye for Value

As well as top-quality, high-priced lights, Cateye also offer a number of rear bike lights that offer excellent value. Take the Omni 5 rear light, for example. This simple AAA-battery powered light fits easily to any bike, has two flashing modes, and offers excellent visibility. If you are looking for simple to fit, reliable rear bike light for zipping about the city, this is a great option.

Wear It Brightly

To supplement a powerful rear light or if you only need to brighten yourself up on well-lit urban roads, a wearable light is an excellent option. The Cateye’s Wearable X rear light can be mount to almost anything and anywhere; clip it to your clothing, your helmet, your bag, or use the strap to attach to your bike like any other rear cycling light. For such a small device, the Wearable X churns out an impressive glowing-red 35 lumens, which is fair amount for ensuring you’re visible. The battery life is pretty good too, ranging from one to 30 hours, depending on the setting you opt for. Handily, it’s USB rechargeable and will easily re-charge in the office.

Sync It Up

If innovation is your bag, the Sync Kinetic could be right up your alley. In conjunction with a smartphone app, using Cateye’s Sync technology you are able to control your lights wirelessly. Meaning, no more fumbling round behind your seat and not being sure whether you’ve managed to turn your all-important light on.