Castelli Gabba Jackets

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The Castelli Gabba jersey was developed to be the ultimate all-purpose, aerodynamic, waterproof cycling layer. This versatile piece of clothing has found itself the subject of huge interest, due to its quality and constant use by professional cyclists. Eradicating the need for a waterproof jacket which only flaps around and cuts aerodynamic qualities out, this jersey is a game changer in every sense. The truth is that this cycling jersey is so good, that even professional cycling teams not sponsored by Castelli are using this jersey when competing - have we tempted you yet?

The jersey itself is packed with many useful features, including Castelli's Windstopper® X-Lite Plus fabric, which allows full wind protection. Other features are: a water repellent outer-layer, zipped vents for breathe-ability, Nanoflex fabric in the armpits, reflective trims for night-riding and three pockets situated on the back of the jersey.

Not only this, but for extra protection and warmth, we offer the Castelli Gabba jacket, which can convert into a short-sleeved jersey - smart! Including all the features above, the jacket is a must-have for all cyclists conscious of safety, performance and comfort!

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