Zipp Wheels 2016: What to Know

Every year, we eagerly anticipate new products which seek to innovate and improve on current technology – this is no different with Zipp’s new range for 2016. There’s a whole host of wheels available, updated to improve even more upon performance and durability, and all available here at ProBikeKit!

History of Zipp Wheels

Before we begin, a brief history of the fascinating North American brand. Zipp was founded in 1988 by motorsports engineer Leigh Sargent, who took his knowledge from the sport into cycling. Responsible for an incredible amount of innovation in wheel aerodynamics, Zipp have always sought to be the best – Sargent brought the use of the wind tunnel to cycling, from his time in F1 racing. Not only this, but Zipp continue to push carbon development throughout their range, seeking to remain market-leaders in this area – combining lightness and performance, with durability. Zipp also pioneered the stable aero wheel, to help improve both the speed and stability of their wheels. With all this in mind, it is clear that their wheels are designed to bring the best out of your bike – so let’s have a look at what’s new to the range!

77/177 Hub

The key change to the range is the introduction of the new hub for the entire Firecrest rim-braked range. The new hub, called the 77/177, features across their 808, 404, 303, and 202 clincher and tubular wheel range – showing their confidence in its ability to lead to an all-round improvement. There’s been a huge focus on improving the hub, from the larger diameter axle (now 17mm) and a factory-set, precision-bearing preload, to the revised flange geometry and spoke hole attachment. Impressive!

So just how does this new hub improve the wheel? Well…

  • With the factory-set preload, it appears maintenance-free as the hub requires no user adjustment – instead, you can rest safe in the knowledge that it is fitted properly, with it much more difficult for water to seep in.
  • The larger diameter axle of 17mm creates a more robust and stiffer connection for the bearings to roll on – ensuring a more durable ride, and improving performance. On top of this, there’s a new and improved quick release design too, making them more ergonomic.
  • A much quieter ride – the 77/177 hub is designed to decrease the noise of the ride, with a smoother connection.
  • The revised flange geometry and spoke hole attachment continue Zipp’s search for aerodynamic improvements, optimising the ride as much as possible.
  • The hub body is redesigned to cut away more alloy, improving performance.
  • The aerodynamic dimples on the wheels get the passing air stick to the rim as long as possible, aiding the speed and stability of your ride – something Zipp are the experts in.

As is clear, the hub is a game-changing product – an incredibly exciting addition to the Zipp wheel range!


Not only has the technology improved, but the pricing has been cut dramatically – thanks to more efficient production. Thankfully, these savings are passed on to you, the rider – with great deals available here at ProBikeKit!

Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe

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