Northwave Winter Cycling Shoes Review

Northwave shoes

With the car park resembling an ocean this week, it would seem now is the time to invest in some winter boots to keep your feet dry and warm through the next 4 or 5 months. Thankfully we’ve just had a load of Northwave winter cycling shoes delivered and as always, they aren’t hanging about!

There are only so many times you can go out in the cold and wet and get soaking feet. At first it’s fine, you feel like a bit of an adventurer enduring the tough conditions, but by the fourth time the novelty has worn off and the next time it happens, you really can’t wait to get home. A fully sealed winter boot will solve these problems by not letting water in through the seams and having insulation to keep you warm.

The Celsius and Fahrenheit are the Cyclocross/commuting/MTB and Road versions of the winter shoe. They look fairly similar and are all aimed at the Performance/Pro end of the market. These aren’t for just plodding around in, they perform really well if you need them too.

Northwave Winter Cycling Shoes Features:

  1. Gore-Tex membrane
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    Gore-Tex membrane

    The first bike Gore-Tex shoes launched by Northwave guarantee all out water protection combined with excellent breathability. All this means a top comfort feel on the move with all weather conditions. The micro-climate created inside makes you confront the longest trips without fatiguing or your feet overheating.


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  2. Sole (Celsius)
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    Sole (Celsius)

    A ‘Jaws Carbon Reinforced’ sole for these shoes is a thermoplastic base enriched with carbon powder which due to its peculiar shape guarantees a high degree of stiffness while staying lightweight. The front part of the sole is divided into two – a mid-sole in fibre with carbon powder and an outsole.

    The natural rubber rear part gives maximum grip and reassurance when walking on rough ground.


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  3. Sole (Fahrenheit)
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    Sole (Fahrenheit)

    The road shoe differs slightly in that it has a ‘NRG Carbon Reinforced’ sole. Made from Zytel DuPont which is a composite fibre enriched with glass and carbon for unbeatable rigidity. This keeps the stack height low and keeps your foot close to the pedal platform. There is an anti-slip rubber tab at the back of the sole to provide some grip when walking.


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  4. Speed Lace System
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    Speed Lace System

    All the shoes feature a simple and quick fastening system which takes laces out of the equation, so no soggy and difficult to unfasten laces after a tough ride.

    To fasten, simply pull the cord and push the toggle inwards to secure. To release, just press on the lever and pull the toggle out. Simple and effective.

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  5. Thermal Lining
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    Thermal Lining

    The regular Celsius has a suggested temp usage of -10 to +15 degrees Celsius. The Arctic version features superior insulation to drop this range to -35 to +5 – something for everyone!

    The Fahrenheit is again good for -10 to +15 so will cater for most days out on the bike.


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With a pair of these shoes you sadly won’t have an excuse for sitting in while it sleets and hails outside. The upside is though, that you’ll arrive at the café or back home still being able to feel your toes, which is always a bonus!

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