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From hours upon hours of training on the bike, on the turbo, in the gym (some of you) and out running, there’s no question around it – your body will (and does) tire out. In this instance, a quick and strong recovery becomes a necessity and having clothing with technology that focuses on this is what makes such a difference for your body and muscles. Ensuring that your muscles are strong and well is also essential during exercise so that you can use as much energy as possible to up your performance and push yourself to the limit. KYMIRA have an incredibly technology-driven infrared clothing range which targets all three aspects of muscle management that are essential to bettering your performance through recovery, regulation and response.

KYMIRA garments are made with infrared technology, rather than compression. Below is a table that lists the differences between the two and at first glance it is clear that infrared technology is much more beneficial:

Compression Vs. Infrared

Table showing the difference between compression and infrared technologies
Source: KYMIRA


Performance is everything. KYMIRA technology enables you to get the best out of your performance through the increase in efficiency of muscle respiration. With an increase in circulation, you can achieve a greater output whilst using the same amount of energy. This essentially increases endurance. To supplement this endurance increase, KYMIRA technology provides an increase in tissue oxygen levels by 20%, resulting in more fuel and energy in your body and muscles to perform well and push yourself to the limits. You can last longer during endurance training at a higher level and tap into a greater power reserve than you would without the KYMIRA Infrared Technology.

KYMIRA performance clothing


Made with 13 different minerals specifically selected for their infrared emissions, KYMIRA’s infrared garments target body heat. With 60% of the body’s waste coming through excess heat, the thirteen minerals in KYMIRA clothing absorb the wasted energy, convert it into infrared and emit it back into the muscle tissue which causes a biological reaction and enhances recovery via the following features:

  • Increased cellular recover rate

KYMIRA garments ensure that your Nitric Oxide levels are increased whilst you exercise. This causes an increase in your cellular metabolism rate, meaning that the cells in your body repair, grow and reproduce a lot faster than they would with a garment without infrared technology. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is also reduced from this element after intense exercise.

  • Increase in circulation

Circulation around your body and muscles is a key player in recovery. With a continuous circulation, your muscles will receive more oxygen and nutrition and avoid fatigue, meaning that they will become a lot stronger and recover well. The infrared technology in KYMIRA garments targets just this. From the increased cellular recover rate, Vasodilation occurs (which increases circulation of blood flow) and takes away any lactic acid from your muscles quickly.

These two features combined make the garment and athlete more efficient when exercising, meaning you can go on for longer using more energy to reach your goals in training.

Temperature Regulation:

A common aspect that most athletes struggle with during exercise is heat and sweat. During intense sessions, you work your body so much so that your body over heats and sweats, making you uncomfortable and actually slowing you down because you get too hot to function to your full potential. The ideal solution to this problem would be to have a garment that retains heat but also dries and cools quickly too. KYnergy fabrics target temperature regulation to ensure that your body temperature is regulated to an optimal level through increasing circulation. The KYnergy fabric allows a better heat flow throughout the body. For example, if you are generating a lot of heat in your thighs but your feet remain cold then the KYnergy fabric works to ensure that the heat is distributed around the body to your feet rather than being lost to the environment.

  • Staying Warm

With KYMIRA, you are guaranteed to have a piece of clothing that retains heat 68% more than a regular garment. To elaborate on the circulation aspect mentioned previously, temperature regulation is essential to keep the oxygen flow and circulation around your body in order to keep your muscles working.

  • Keeping Cool

KYMIRA garments are made with fabrics that disperse sweat through evaporation, keeping you cooler when you sweat. This coupled with the capability to dry 35% quicker than normal garments means that your body temperature is regulated to an optimal level, and is able to perspire. This drying process dissipates heat, helping to keep you cool whilst enduring intense exercise and therefore, bettering performance.

Other Benefits:

  • Pain Releif

A further dimension to looking after your muscles and body is based around pain relief and response. It’s often found that you get little twinges during or after a race such as aches in your muscles, shin splint type pain for impact athletes, or even just a bit of stiffness, over stretching or cramping. The chemical reactions in the body produced by the infrared technology in KYMIRA target these minor twinges. Similar to the way that opiates such as morphine function, the chemicals trigger these same neural pathways, thus alleviating pain. From this, you can undergo more intense training without the psychological inhibitions caused by pain in your muscles, and better your performance.

  • UV Protection

KYMIRA’s infrared technology absorbs UV rays from the sun that are harmful to humans, and converts them to UV rays that are harmful to bacteria instead, protecting your body’s exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. This gives an Anti-Microbial property to the technology as well as an SPF rating of 35.

  • Injury Prevention

Injury is a massive setback for any athlete. Being off the bike for a prolonged time due to having to rest from injury can have a huge impact on your training and progress in performance, so you must keep injury prevention in mind throughout training. KYMIRA sports clothing is the perfect solution – all capabilities that have been covered in detail throughout this article contribute to injury prevention, whether it be improving toleration to exercise, or enhancing recovery rates and regulation.

This post is sponsored by KYMIRA.

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