How to Wear Buff Headwear

Buff headwear is made in sunny Spain and was created and developed by Juan Rojas who decided that on his many trips on his motorbike on and off road there was a demand for headwear that could be used for all types of conditions. This thought then ultimately became the product, Buff® which derived from the Spanish word ‘bufanda’. They first came onto the scene in 2000 and have grown from strength to strength. The range has expanded over the years and offers a twist on the original buff range with now UV protective, Insect repellent, Wool, Reflective and a whole Kids range.

The Best things about Buff Headwear

Buff Original is a unique tube that as a multifunctional use. It is totally seamless inside and out so does not leave any pressure point or marks on the head whatsoever. It is a high performance soft microfibre material that is breathable, moisture wicking and wind resistant and super comfortable. It is the most versatile clothing accessories you can wear, no matter what the weather and caters for all conditions. Don’t just pass it off as a piece of material.

The Buff is simply the most useable piece of clothing you will own. It is stylish as well as protective from the sun, wind, cold, rain, dust, sweat and insects. Buff is your friend and will keep you happy in every situation.

You can wear it many ways, as a scarf, a bandana, a headband, Sweatband, facemask, wrist band, hair bobble and a beanie. They come in as many colours and designs as you can think of. You can take it absolutely anywhere as it packs down into the smallest of packages and you can use it in any sport or activity you wish with the exception of maybe deep sea diving! And when it needs a wash, it is so small and lightweight that you can hand wash it if you want to and will dry quickly.

How to Wear a Buff

Buff headwear guide


  1. The Scarf

    Pretty simple, just slip the tube over your head and place it round your neck. No need for any fancy knots or systems to get it to work. One simple action.

  2. The Headband

    Again, simple just scrunch up into a band and place it on your forehead.

  3. The Bandana

    Turn inside out, put your arms in the tube crossed over grab the ends pull and twist out which creates a ‘pirate’ bandana!

  4. The Facemask

    Pull over your head pulling the hole down exposing your eyes and nose then get some slack from the lower part of your chin and pull up over your nose, creating a facemask.

  5. The Wristband

    Needs no explaining really, just wrap it around your wrist.

  6. The Hair Bobble

    Use this exactly like a standard bobble.

  7. The Beanie

    Turn the buff inside out and twist the middle fold back and you have yourself a beanie.


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