G2.0: Vittoria’s New Race-Winning Graphene Tyre Compound

G2.0: Vittoria’s New Race-Winning Graphene Tyre Compound

Vittoria are known for pioneering innovation in cycling. And three years ago, they certainly lived up to that reputation by becoming the first company to use the one-atom-thick carbon fibre derivative, Graphene, in the production of their bicycle tyres.

By applying this ultra-thin material to the outer layer of tyre rubber, Vittoria plugged the gaps between rubber molecules, resulting in the fastest, grippiest, most durable range of race tyres on the market at the time.

This wasn’t just marketing hype and empty claims though. With countless road race wins, Grand Tour stage victories and national cross-country mountain biking championships on the palmarès of Vittoria’s top of the range tyres – these claims of durability, speed and grip were hard to argue against.



However, this is old news. Now, three years on, Vittoria has released their latest range of tyres containing their new G2.0 graphene compound. Although G2.0 has its foundations laid firmly in the original compound, there is one key difference.

While the original G+ compound rose the bar of speed, grip, puncture protection and wear resistance evenly, the new G2.0 compound can be manipulated to refine one or two of these attributes specifically. This in turn,  means that each tyre can be developed to perform better in certain specific race situations.

For example, the Graphene G2.0 compound used in the Vittoria Corsa Speed G2.0 (shown below) is refined specifically to offer extremely low rolling resistance. Perfect for when every second counts, like a short road race or time trial on very smooth tarmac.



On the other hand, the Corsa Control G2.0 (shown below) which uses the same G2.0 compound has been tailored to offer lower rolling resistance, as well as wet-weather grip. A winning combination for rough Flemish cobbles in springtime.



Using Vittoria’s 4C (4 compounds) technology, the G2.0 compound can even be refined for performance on specific areas of the tyre tread.


Image result for vittoria 4c technology




Combining these technologies, Vittoria can tailor the compound used at the centre of the tyre for reduced rolling resistance and durability, the sides of the tyre for maximum grip, and underneath for maximum puncture protection.

The G2.0 compound has even dripped down to the lower ranks of the Vittoria range, to the Rubino and Zaffiro range tyres (shown below) too.



So now, no matter your level of experience, whether your racing, training or commuting, you can benefit from a graphene-equipped tyre that offers an improvement in speed, grip and wear resistance.



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