Best Bike Multi-Tools – Top 6

Fitting perfectly in your saddle bag or back pocket, the multi-tool is the Swiss Army Knife of the cycling world. A bike multi-tool can be used to fix a serious mechanical problem or simply adjust your bike setup while out cycling. We’ve chosen 6 of our favourites that we believe tick all the boxes in terms of functionality, quality and price.

  • Essentials

There’s a handful of tools that are essential on any bike multi-tool. The majority of bolts on your bike are adjusted using Allen keys, otherwise known as hex keys. The most common sizes are 2mm through to 6mm, make sure when you buy a multi-tool that it has these! Crosshead screwdrivers and T25 are also important and can be found on any good multi-tool.

  • Emergency Tools

there are some problems that require special tools; a chain-breaker or spoke key for example. If you need to work on your chain or wheel at the roadside then chances are you’re in a bit of an emergency. High-end multi-tools cost a little extra but give you the peace of mind that you can fix almost any mechanical problem while out on the bike.

  • Added Extras

Basic multi-tools with less than 10 tools feature just the essentials but the all singing all dancing options feature some added extras. A knife, disc adjuster, chain holder and even a bottle open may not seem like things you’ll rarely need when running a roadside repair. That being said, if some thread on your jersey needs cutting or you simply want to crack open a cold one after a ride then you’ll be happy to have the tool to do it.

Best Bike Multi-Tools:


  1. PRO 22 Function Mutlitool
    £26.99 Buy now with Probikekit

    PRO 22 Function Mutlitool

    This well-equipped, versatile multi-tool from PRO is ideal for any small road-side repairs or adjustments you may need to make. An alloy body and chrome plated tools are simple to use and extremely durable. It’s one of the most compact of our top 6 multi-tools and can be easily stored in your jersey pocket.

    As an alternative from PRO check out their 15 Function multi-tool.

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  2. Lezyne Blox 23 Multi Tool
    £21.99 Buy now with Probikekit

    Lezyne Blox 23 Multi Tool

    The BLOX 23 is a well-constructed, dependable bike multi-tool from accessories and tools specialists Lezyne. A chain breaker and spoke tools are ideal if you find yourself with a damaged chain or loose spoke.

    A bottle opener is also a cool little feature and will come in handy if you decide to reward yourself with a cool beer after a good ride. The tools themselves are CNC-machined aluminium which keeps to weight down and makes it the perfect tool to take on every ride.

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  3. Park Tool IB-3 I-Beam Mini Fold Up Tool
    £22.49 Buy now with Probikekit

    Park Tool IB-3 I-Beam Mini Fold Up Tool

    Park Tool are experts when it comes to offering tools designed specifically for working on bikes. The IB-3 I-Beam Mini Fold Up Tool will get you out of any emergency on the roadside and is compact enough to be stored in your saddlebag. Hex wrenches/Allen keys, T25 wrench, spoke tool, tyre lever and chain tool… it’s all there.

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  4. Birzman Feexman Alloy 12 Mini Tool - Black
    £27.99 Buy now with Probikekit

    Birzman Feexman Alloy 12 Mini Tool - Black

    The Birzman Feexman features almost all the tools you need and none of the ones you don’t. Like the Fabric, the Birzman is sleek, stylish and compact. The only tool you could argue is missing is a spoke key, but everything else is there, including a high-quality chain rivet extractor.

    It’s slightly more expensive than some of our other top 6 bike multi-tools but given the weight, quality and functionality, it’s very fairly priced.

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  5. Lezyne RAP 6 Multitool
    £9.99 Buy now with Probikekit

    Lezyne RAP 6 Multitool

    The RAP 6 is the most affordable bike multi-tool in our top 6 and is perfect for short rides. It’s great to have the necessary tools to fix broken chains or buckled wheels when you’re going for a big ride. If you’re just going for a quick spin though, you might want to just take the tools to fix a simple problem. The RAP 6 is the simplest bike multi-tool that Lezyne offers and features the most commonly used Allen keys, a T25 and Philips-head.

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  6. Birzman E-Version 20 Mini Tool
    £22.49 Buy now with Probikekit

    Birzman E-Version 20 Mini Tool

    We couldn’t not add the E-Version 20 Mini Tool from Birzman to our Top 6. It’s a fantastic option not just for road riders but also mountain bikers and enduro riders. All the essentials are there; Allen keys, T25, screwdriver etc. as well as a few cool extras not found on most bike multi-tools. You might not need a knife or can opener to index your gears but hey, it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!

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Johnny Bowles

Johnny Bowles

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