How to get Fit Quick on the Bike

How to get fit quick on the bike

New year, new you…?  Forget that, just make the old you better! We have 3 easy ways on how to get fit and improve the old you. No big changes, no drastic moves or revamping yourself, no master plans or hundreds of pounds in gym membership. Just try a few simple, easy techniques to improve your strength and fitness the cheat way!

It is drilled into us to make sure you do the long winter miles, and spend 4-5 hours on the bike to build up base fitness. Whilst this is not wrong and is very good for you, some of us simply don’t have time to do this kind of riding, especially with full time work commitments, families and life itself.  So what’s the answer? You still want to be able to do things like race without getting dropped, and go out on a 60 mile club run at the weekend and keep up. Don’t fear, there is a way! Whilst it may not be as perfect as spending those quality hours in the saddle, there is a way for you to be competitive.

3 Ways to help Improve your Fitness on the Bike:

Training sessions like this will help to keep strength and top end fitness at it’s peak. These kind of techniques will help you to keep going on the longer rides without having to put in all the hours. Whilst there is no substitute for the base miles sometimes needs must.

  1. More Turbo

    Don’t stop reading just yet… If you can fit in two, 1 hour turbo sessions a week you are onto a winner. Nowadays you don’t have to stare at the garage wall and watch the second hand clock tick away until you have gone insane. Virtual reality is now a thing, yes,  and with the use of a smart turbo and apps like Zwift you can quite easily get a good workout midweek (read our Zwift Cycling Guide for more information). Zwift hold races during the week that are really good fun and provide a serious workout. They also hold club runs and social rides to help you stay motivated.

    5 Turbo Training Sessions for Better Fitness on the Bike


    5 Turbo Training Sessions for Better Fitness on the Bike

    Turbo training can be exciting, challenging, and a sure way to getting you fit and fast quick. We all know there’s nothing quite like those long miles on the road to get the base miles in, so why not try a turbo trainer?

    2015-01-09 18:20:19By


  2. Run

    You may say, “no,  I’m not a runner” but it’s quick, easy and hassle free. 30- 40 minutes of high intensity running really works your anaerobic system very well – it helps you hold threshold much better and helps you climb better. Running works your core and also helps to strengthen your tendons and ligaments too. It’s very healthy for our bodies to do some kind of impact sport to strengthen up the other muscles, tendons and ligaments that we don’t use on the bike.

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  3. Hill Climbing

    If you live in an area that is hilly then pick a route that is around 1 hour- 1 hour and 30 minutes long and do intervals up the hills. This will give the legs strength and keep your top end fitness open without being out all day. If you haven’t got the hills then low cadence, high power efforts can work to help increase strength in the legs. Do 1 minute on, 1 minute off for 10 minutes, three times to build up this strength and endurance.

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If you have any questions or have some awesome techniques you want to share then feel free to tell us at ProBikeKit and use the hashtag #YourRide.

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