Tour Down Under 2017 – #YourRide #YourTour


A New Year and New Challenges! We have some exciting things happening here at PBK in 2017.  This year we are getting you involved in #YourRide #YourTour. Starting with the Tour Down Under, we are asking you to ride your own stages of the Tour Down Under but in your local area for exclusive offers like 10% codes, Winners jersey and a feature piece on our blog. You too can be famous!

So let’s get started.

For stage 1 – We are asking you to ride your favorite route to get you going, Like a little  warm up for the next couple of stages you are going to take on. You can pick a route you do regularly or a route you simply like because of its scenery, hills, ease or difficulty. whatever you choose just go and ride it and upload it to ProBikeKit Strava with a picture. Don’t forget to share on social Using the HashTag #YourRide


Stage 2 – We are asking you to ride 50km round trip or more if you fancy to your areas most famous landmark, take a photo and upload #YourRide to ProBikeKit strava club. Please make sure you join our Strava club and share on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #YourRide.


For Stage 3 – We are asking you to try and take a PB or KOM on one of your routes in your area. Pick a climb and take it on. This is to replicate a KOM stage of the Tour Down Under. Take a picture of #YourRide and upload to Strava in our ProBikeKit Strava club and use the hashtag #YourRide to be within a chance of winning a TDU STAGE JERSEY.


Not only this.. For everyone who uploads all 3 stages to our Strava club will also receive a 10% off code for simply making the effort!



We hope you enjoy getting on board with your own Tour, We can’t wait to see what you guys and girls a achieve over the next week. Good luck!


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