PBK #YourRide Campaign

ProBikeKit has millions of customers across the globe who are all united by their love of cycling. We’re proud to be part of such a global community and want to start a conversation. We want you to show us everything you love about your ride. Whether you’re out on the road with friends at the weekend, commuting to work, on the turbo indoors or hitting the trails with your mates, share it with us!

From the UK, where ProBikeKit was established, to Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Japan; wherever you are, upload a short video of #YourRide and connect with the rest of the cycling world!

5 simple steps on how to get involved:

  1. Download the THG Capture app

    Download the THG Capture app from either the iTunes or Android app store.

  2. Join our Project

    Go into the app, sign up either using Facebook or by creating a new account.

    Join our project by typing in the project name: PBKYourRide.

  3. What to include in your video

    The main ‘script’ window will appear which displays three directions/questions that explain what you should try to include in your video. You can click on each one for some extra information.

  4. Send us a video

    Now for the creative part, take out your phone and start filming! Either film #YourRide on THG Capture by clicking the video icon or film on your phone’s camera app and upload your video to the app from your camera roll. It’s as simple as that!

  5. We share #YourRide with the world

    You’ll be able to see other user’s videos in the live feed, like their uploads and interact with them. We will edit all the videos together and create something fantastic to share with the world and show our universal love of cycling!

Keep up to date with #YourRide on our social media accounts!

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Hero photo source: Santini



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