galeria21373-002It’s that time of year again, when having seen the sneak previews of the new team kits, we get a chance to see them in action during the first Pro Tour event of the year.

There are obviously going to be some nice looking kits in the mix, but you can always guarantee on some hideous creation being dragged into the limelight, especially when to all concerned, it should have been left on the drawing board.

Something which always seems to pop up in conversation when the team kits appear, are peoples views on which they think is the worst team kit of all time. There has been some heated debate in the office about which kit takes the top prize.

The only way we can think of settling this argument fairly is by putting it to the public vote; that’s where you come in. Please help us by putting your suggestions in the comment box at the bottom of the page and we’ll tally them up and get a top five together for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t forget to put in the year of the team kit you’re suggesting to help us track them down!


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