It has been interesting reading through your thoughts and opinions of what is the worst team kit of all time. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, as I thought there would be a clear cut view of something quite hideous. Maybe there would have been more from the decade of Day-Glow or some of the more elaborate designs gone very wrong, which when I say elaborate, I mean the one with a picture of a guy and his moustache.

It was rather interesting to see there was a big divide with very much a love or hate opinion over designs and maybe some of the comments had more to do with riders rather than the look of the kit. Dave in the office is a firm believer that anything Cippolini wore was amazing! Maybe that’s more to do with his love for Cippolini than the design of his skin suits. However if you’ve ever seen Dave, you might understand!(Well I hope so for his sake).

One thing where  everybody shared the same opinion, was that there is nothing worse than a design which fails to provoke any emotional response. Neither disgusting or amazing, just being plain boring is the worst offender of all. When you can’t see any passion or imagination in a design, it certainly does not deserve an investment of your hard earned money. You can wear a truly horrific team kit and pass it off as ‘retro’, but to be seen in that boring number, well that’s just unforgivable.

With a tally up of the comments it appears we have a clear winner, well loser to be more precise!

So with out further ado I can reveal the winner with most votes for the worst designed kit goes to………

( I believe the drum roll is called for but I prefer to build anticipation with a bit of a trumpet solo )


So a big congratulation goes out to who ever in the Radioshack team said “yes” to the latest to go into the library of design blunders. It’s hard to believe that several people sat round a table and agreed that this was the look for 2010. Maybe lance Armstrong himself designed it and it was a case of the emperors new clothes..??

Thank you for all your comments, it has made for some very interesting reading.

Now here is one for you, if Lance pulls of something very special this year and wins the Tour. Will peoples opinions change?



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