Time doesn’t simply follow technical norms, they set them. The French manufacturer has a deep connection with cycling and its heroes by virtue of the passion, knowledge and innovation for new cycling technology the company has displayed.

VRS fluidityTime burst onto the scene in the late 1980s with a revolutionary pedal design, but it wasn’t until the engineering excellence of Jean Marc Gueugneaud was brought to Time that the company diversified into frame building. Jean Marc is one of the forerunners of carbon fibre’s use in cycling and during his search for the ultimate performance bicycle frame has revolutionised frame building.

Jean Marc Gueugneaud

He had previously worked for TVT and produced Grand Tour winning frames for the team La Vie Claire and riders Bernard Hinault and Greg LeMond. Using the patented Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) technology which Jean Marc pioneered, TIME were able to produce some of the first carbon composite frames, forks, stems, and seatposts. The process is still used today and produces some of Time’s flagship models.

What’s most impressive about Time’s RTM technology is that in an age when much of the road cycling industry’s frames and componentry are outsourced to Asia, Time’s carbon manufacturing process is carried out in their French factory in Lyon. Whereas other manufacturers buy flat sheets of pre impregnated carbon fabric, all Time’s carbon tubing is weaved on site guaranteeing the highest quality is ensured. This method, which has been pioneered by Time, allows an unlimited range of shapes and dimensions to construct frames ensuring consistency of thickness creating a uniform strength throughout the structure of their frames. This level of control over the technical characteristics of each carbon layer produces important characteristics such as rigidity and comfort.

If this attention to details wasn’t enough, Time also have a stringent set of test procedures before any sort of mass production is even considered. Each frame goes through a rigorous selection of tests which aim to test severe shock, aging, and fatigue amongst other things. After theseJean Marc has also helped develop the use of carbon fibre in motor cycles controlled tests the frames are then distributed to be tested under the most demanding of conditions and are ridden by professional riders in the pro peloton.
Time has a racing pedigree engrained into its culture with wins at some of the biggest cycling events around the world including the Giro d’Italia, la Vuelta a España, Paris-Roubaix, the Olympic games, World Championships and the Tour de France. All the major events in the professional cycling calendar have been won with the use of Time products at some point. The Time brand has been ridden by some of the greats during the era of modern professional cycling, including Boonen, Bettini, Museeuw, Hinault and LeMond. This collaboration at the highest level of competition has allowed Time to build up a reputation of producing frames of extraordinary quality geared towards the most demanding of riders.

Time RXRS Video Review


So there you have it, a little background about the Time brand and more specifically their frame production. If you feel inspired by Time’s rich heritage and attention to detail then why not check out the 2012 range of Time frames available at ProBikeKit.




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