Here’s one for all you romantic cycling couples out there, 5 things to do with your other half this Valentine’s Day – and we don’t mean just you and your bike!

1) Couple’s Retreat

So a romantic weekend away in Paris may not be your thing. Valentine’s day doesn’t mean you have to lock your bike away in the garage and force yourself to do the norm by going for a romantic walk followed by a candlelit dinner. Whilst this is nice, think outside the box – why not look at the map and plan a little road trip. Depending on you and your partner’s ability it can be a simple ride around a park or even a 100 mile ride (make sure you leave enough energy left for some… stretches). It’s surprising how getting the endorphins flowing through your system and getting some fresh air can make you feel alive. This time alone with your partner can be a great bonding session, you get to take in some amazing scenery, experience a different journey together and feel at one with nature!

2) Couple’s Stretching

This is a fun and intimate way of doing your daily stretches. After that big bike ride you are sure to need help in this department. Try some of these below:

Chest Stretch

Glute and Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Lower Back and Groin Stretch

Groin Stretch










3) Replenishing spa day

Every cyclist knows that sore, tight, aching feeling in the legs, the neck and back. A spa day is a real treat for you and your partner. This can give you both that much needed time to relax, unwind and get rid of all those nasty knots that have built up over time. This is a good time to pamper each other and be romantic whilst benefiting you cycling!

4) Bake Together

So you may be thinking this is taking it too far…romantic cake baking? We aren’t just talking about any old cake though, we’re talking about a healthy protein cake for cyclists. You can use our SiS Impact Whey Protein Isolate for a mint chocolate flavoured cake, or choose your flavour from MyProtein Whey plus. It’s a good opportunity to get together in the kitchen when you wouldn’t normally, and try something new which will also help with your cycling performance – tasty, good for you, and helps with recovery!

5) Romantic Nights in the Garage

Okay, so I know you think we may be clutching straws but if you really are a cycling enthusiast, maintenance must be done so you can actually go out on your bike the very next day. Make the best of this situation – put some music on, grab a beer, take your partner into the garage and learn about the nuts and bolts of your bike, how they work and what makes them tick. And if you’re missing any tools, we have a wide range of maintenance products for you to get your hands on!


And if your bike is the only love in your life, then why not show your appreciation for all the miles, punctures and falls that you’ve spent together with our Valentine’s Day offers here!



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