Uvex foundations were built in 1926 and it is now a global partner on the international elite sports scene, providing equipment for over 1000 top athletes. As so many of us dream of being a Pro it would just seem logical that we buy what they have, doesn’t it?

Besides the fact that Uvex has some rather good looking pieces of kit, the thing that really attracts me to them is that they still make the majority of their items in their home town in Germany, with in-house experts available to ensure products are made to the highest quality.

Helmets can be an expensive purchase and finding one that looks good on is yet another challenge, however, I can’t help but think the Uvex Race 5 will look stylish on just about everybody. As worn by Team IT4i Shimano, these helmets are light, starting at 225g , have that easy dial adjustment which means you can fiddle about with the fit even when on the go. If you are as talented as myself on falling off the bike you will be pleased to know it is made with double inmould technology; an extra shell that covers the lower helmet to create greater stability and protection.

If you’re the kind of person who wants glasses to match then pair your helmet with an Uvex SGL104 glasses. Uvex 104’s are designed to give you maximum field of vision without distortion which makes them an ideal riding companion as you wont miss anything that is happening around you.Made with unbreakable material they will withstand a heap of abuse and will even hold out in a crash. Seriously, these glasses are brilliant. Weighing just 23 grams I seem to struggle to remember I am wearing them and as there are no issues with them fogging up I’m not trying to rip them off mid climb due to lack of vision.

So if you have followed any of my advice thus far then you should have a new helmet and pair of glasses on route from PBK, but why settle with only one helmet or pair of lenses. To me, a helmet for winter and a helmet for summer are the way forward. I prefer a lovely, light, vented helmet for summer but a different style for winter, one that fits a hat underneath without leaving that annoying elastic imprint across my forehead.The Uvex Boss Race is inexpensive enough that you aren’t paying a fortune for your winter helmet and it has enough vents so you won’t overheat when the weather forces you to wear a cap or hat (or both) underneath. Pair your helmet with the Uvex SGL204 clear glasses and you’re set for winter riding. The SLG204 boast the same excellent field of vision as the much more expensive models and an 18 layer lens coating to help stop them from fogging up. They are again pretty unbreakable and cheap enough that you can afford to buy more than one pair. Leave one in the drawer at work or in your mountain bike kit bag and you will never be without a set of lenses when the weather turns against you.


All in all I am impressed with Uvex, their products are good looking and effortless with a bit of cycling class about them. Coming from Ski products they blend well into the 2 wheel variety of items required to encourage people to get on their bikes and ride, and in reality, riding your bike is all that really matters.




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