Three weekends, three of the biggest and toughest Tri events are taking place in the UK.

To begin, the Dextro ITU Triathlon takes place in Hyde Park which is gearing up for an amazing weekend when the world’s best elite athletes roll into town and are joined by over 3,000 age groupers. The elite field features the top men and women from across the world and will see defending World Champion Alistair Brownlee, looking to repeat the victory he secured in 2009.

On the following weekend you have the Ironman UK event in sunny Bolton;

A 2.4mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run doesn’t sound like our ideal weekend but this is obviously heaven to some of you. There are 9 days and 20 hours until the first swimmers depart – you better get some last minute training in and enjoy the tapering!

To finish, on the 7th and 8th of August is the London Triathlon. Many of you will have heard about some of the more famous competitors – Jenson Button and Vernon Kay (F1 and radio DJ) who are taking part this year. It will once again be held in at the Excel centre, London. The bike courses will all benefit from road closures – a rarity in central London, which will allow competitors to race on traffic free roads.

So: 3 weekends, 3 massive races – given that most of us already have a bike and a pair of running shoes the focus comes onto the swim section and wetsuits. Most peoples first experience of a badly fitting wetsuit is on a school trip next to a cold and windy lake…Nowadays we have ergonomically designed wetsuits packed with technology and details to make getting in and out easy along with features to make you faster.

We have a surprisingly large selection of wetsuits here at PBK – 2XU, BlueSeventy and Zoot. All with their merits and with a range of prices.

Beginner Wetsuits:

New construction techniques and cutting edge design create a range of performance inspiring triathlon wetsuits. Experience positive buoyancy and speed in the water like never before. The T:0 is the ideal wetsuit for a beginner with its buoyancy panels, stretch lining and floating zip to make t1 a cinch.

Available in both mens and woman specific models this will flatter the beginner and please the expert. The (very long) spec list reads similar to the higher end models with Yamamoto neoprene and friction reducing panels.

The 2XU zip is manufactured from reliable light and strong material, positioned behind the back panel lapels to reduce water intake and streamlined for speed. Designed for the triathlete who requires a wetsuit with added buoyancy and maximum flexibility without the expense.

Through an exclusive buying arrangement 2XU have managed to provide Yamamoto neoprene and manufacturing technology not normally offered at the budget end of the market. With the 2XU standard 2 year warranty, this suit offers incredible value.

  • Using Yamamoto neoprene with SCS coating gives optimal buoyancy which means less body in the water and therefore less wetted surface area, and a faster overall speed through the water.
  • The hydrodynamic flow over the front of the wetsuit is interrupted by seams, so 2XU have a one piece design from the neck to the knee to reduce drag and increase speed through the water.
  • 2XU have engineered a back panel structure which is strong enough to contain the rigid zip, withstanding the punishment of constant use, but more importantly flexible enough to interact with the underarm panel.



Zoot continues to draw on its history in the sport and its athletes to deliver the most comprehensive, technologically-advanced and complete multisport product line in the world.

“For 25 years, we have been pioneering innovative product solutions that cover the athlete from start to finish and head to toe.”

Founded in Kona, Hawaii, the home of the Ironman Triathlon World Championships, Zoot Sports began making performance apparel that catered to elite athletes competing in the emerging sport of Triathlon.

The FUZION wetzoot is a flexible, buoyant and durable wetsuit of choice for the regular triathlete and competitor.

Again it features Yamamoto #39 cell neoprene; the world’s most lightweight and low-density rubber making the suit flexible, buoyant, and durable.

  • Low density = maximum buoyancy = More SPEED.
  • Features a new lower front to eliminate neck constriction and minimize chafing.
  • 3mm thigh and calf panels ensure advanced mobility and easy on and off for fast transitions.
  • Updated cuff construction seals out water and makes for easy on and off.

For those of you who demand the best and as worn by the World Champions look no further than BlueSeventy.

BlueSeventy design, create, test and collect data from countless hours of swimming and if it doesn’t meet their standards it goes back to the design room and the process starts again. This attention to detail, paired with a passion for swimming is why the world’s best swimmers choose Blueseventy.

The HELIX suit is available in both male and specific female fit versions with particular emphasis on getting the ‘femme fit’ perfect.

Built for a swimmer that requires a highly flexible suit, and neutral buoyancy. With specific placement of laminated fabric panels on the outside arm of the suit. This paper thin material is over printed with a reinforcing stripe, specifically designed and located to improve function and form through the recovery and reach phase of the swim stroke.

  • High stretch TST panels remain, mechanically decoupling the arms from the rest of the suit working to float the arm and improve shoulder extension, stroke length, and comfort.
  • Olympic champions, world champions and the world’s fastest swimmers and triathletes have placed the Helix in a class of its own.
  • Buoyancy panels spread throughout the suit deliver a higher overall body position in the water, without altering the ratio between the upper and lower body, allowing for a more efficient stroke.

The perfect womens wetsuit?

Femme Fit: a suit that gives women of all shapes, sizes and skill levels what they want most in the water. This hasn’t happened overnight; in fact when the first suits featuring Femme fit came out over 3 years ago, it was the result of extensive testing, feedback and actually listening to what you had to say.

A wetsuit with superior fit, which leads to better performance and a better open water experience. We continue to seek and learn and create our products based on the feedback, not just from Ironman winners, but from any woman that enters the water.

  • Lowered neckline for better fit and comfort.
  • Extended zipper length to accommodate wider hips and ease getting in and out of your suit.
  • Refined shaping in the bust and torso.

As with all sports garments sizing is important. On all of our wetsuits are sizeguides taken specifically from the manufacturer to ensure that you can choose the correct one for you.

To complete the look and make sure you have everything you need check out these categories:

If you are competing let us know how you’re preparing, how you’re planning on racing the race and afterwards just how painful it was!

And if you’re stuck for a bike we have in stock the amazing Quintana Roo:

“the most innovative in the past decade from any brand”

  • A super slippery frameset which has been developed and tested in a wind tunnel for an unbelievable drag coefficient of just 0.1.
  • While riding, a surge of air is created from behind the front wheel. The unprecedented aerodynamics of the Cd 0.1 enables suction to draw the wind off to the ‘clean’ side (non-drive side) of the bike. Thus, less resistance is created, making you the sleekest rider on the course.
  • Gold Award – 2009 Eurobike Show (The jury selected 77 prize-winners from among the 400 entries. The eight best of them received a GOLD Award).

Good luck if you are competing, to view our entire range of wetsuits click here and please get in touch if you have any questions.



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