vrefyr6xHi PBK people,

Ok so the show seasons coming to a close and we are finaly getting out on our bikes again trying out some sweet new stuff and basically seeing if there is anything to tell you about??

1st off the nice people at Saddleback who supplied  Neutral support for the tour of Britain convinced me to try there  Vredestein tyres , like most people I hate change you settle with a tyre and never dare try anything else ,they are expensive , will the gamble pay, off what if I don’t like them, etc…

So with a new pair of Fortezza Tri Comps  https://blogscdn.thehut.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/23/2010/09/07160535/display.php_.gif?code=Y0049  fitted to the excellent (and in my opinion the best value/ performance balance ) Fulcrum Racing 3s I have been riding the rutted and damp lanes around Kendal made more perilous with the annual cyclist hell , hedge trimming. So  how do they perform?  Fitting was reasonable easy for those with strong thumbs the first suprise is the pressure these tyres can run at up to an impressive 145psi.

On the road they roll impressively with a easy win in the freewheel challenge against Chris, Thorns and potholes have failed to damage the tread no splits and no puncturs yet, so all good, the tyre features a SPL polyemer liner, hard wearing center tread but with soft shoulders that aid cornering grip.

All in all a excellent tyre for very fast training and racing on poor quality roads.

I have always had a problem with shoes for the Road bike finding Sidis too narrow and my favoured Nikes not being made for several years I have had to look elsewhere, Chatting to a few people I have been persuaded to try two brands both offering a wider and more comfortable fit

First of there are the Northwave Aerlite 5 with SBS https://blogscdn.thehut.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/23/2010/09/07160535/display.php_.gif?code=F6001 closure coming in just in time for a brief Indian summer these very bling shoes offer tremendous styling and a truly revoloutionary sole , featuring a wooden last that offers better heat protection and moulds to the shape of your foot over time for a great tailored fit , yes wood is old world but it really brings something to the racing shoe market the rest of the shoe is high tec with a carbon outsole for stiffness, power web foot support and Nortwaves sbs closure system that allows fine tuning while riding even in gloves?? Mega comfy and cool shoes for people who dont get on with Sidi and propably the best of the shelf shoe we sell….

Yes we will soon be selling custom Lake shoes that you can mould in the comfort of your own home (these are Carlos Sastra’s shoes of choice) these will be available in a massive range of sizes and the instep and heel can be custom fit at home and dont worry if you dont like the new shape you can re mould them, over and over they will be here soon ..but in the meantime im trying some lovely CX 235 Lake shoes these feature a carbon sub 50 sole Kangaroo upper and 3 velcro straps and are the cycling shoe equivellent of slippers hoping the 2010 range are as well made and comfortable when we get them in , in January.

I have just be pimping my MTB with PRO-BOLT titanium and alloy bolts look out for a full reveiw and a ever growing product portfolio in fact if you can think of a application for TI or alloy not currently available let us know we are looking at supplying component upgrade kits for all high end Shimano Sram and Campagnolo components as well as cleat bolts lockring chainring bolts seat collars and skewers.

One last thing some of team PBK racing team are off to Glen tress to play on MTBs and celabrate the end of the road season it will be a fine opurtunity to further test the Look Quartz pedals that seem to meet the holy grail of simplicity support and weight, first impressions are excellent just need to see what some serious abuse will do to them…

More from me soon




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