Once again, ProBikeKit are pleased to be supporting a team of cyclists in Finland for 2010.

Like most Scandinavians, the Finnish are brilliant at making the most of the cold winters. Even with the roads covered in snow and temperatures bordering on the insane,  training and fitness carries on regardless. I don’t think many people would complain about taking up skiing for 3 months?!

PBK Team Finland 2010

PBK Team Finland 2010

Here is Ville’s outlook on the coming year:

It seems crazy that racing season is just around the corner. Watching out from the window there are about 10 inches of snow on the ground and the temperature is -8 degrees Celsius. Still we have to realise that there is only one month until the first race.

I am more than happy to announce that PBK Finland is now registered as an Elite
Team. Last year we tried and tried to ride under our hometowns name but that was chaos. At the time co-operation didn’t work well especially because the cycling circle here in Finland really is not big. You would really think that in these small circles such a co-operation inside teams would work.

Well enough of that last season talk.

There is not a man in our roster who isn’t hugely exited about this season. I think that is common in any new team, guys are like those young horses which are held inside all winter long and now they smell the fields where they run.

Training has gone well, we haven’t had huge injuries like last year. All the skiers in the team have been very pleased because of the nice winter. Skiing which has been fantastic here and guys have collected those miles week after week. It seems all of Finland has had a skiing fever, perhaps due to Finnish skiers having good success in World Cup?

At Christmas we had a small break from training but we are all now back on the track. In recent years my interest on going out with my mountain bike to that chilling breeze has decreased by 90%. Turbo Training is the work tool for me in winter time. And why not? You can ride with short bib shorts and you don’t need three layers of clothing to breath through. Also it really is much more effective training and you can push yourself much harder than outside. We have also been running quite a lot. Couple of weeks ago we ran with the teams sprinter Matti for 5 hours in three days. That included a half marathon. Knees and feet were pretty sore the rest of the week… We both agreed lets not do that again in near future!

Racing scheme for the team is still under construction. It starts overseas though, hopefully in the next blog update we can already share some good results with you guys.

Pre-ride preparation

Pre-ride preparation

We’ll keep you up-to-date with the results and any more news we receive from Finland along with our Elite team in England and the local boys and girls in the North West of England.

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