Fatty has been road testing a pair of these for a while now and here is his verdict:

Suplest are a Swiss brand producing high end cycling shoes. They are new to us here at PBK and also to the UK as a whole and they have a compact range that we are very interested in, but their general portfolio also includes MTB and casual shoes.

They have 3 styles that we are showcasing at PBK; a StreetRacing Velcro, a StreetRacing micro buckle and a triathlon shoe. There is only one colour way available, which is black/white (although the style of each model is unique) and one sole, which is carbon weave.

I have been using a pair of the StreetRacing Velcro models (£188.89 – GBP) for a few hundred miles now and the first thing I like about the shoes is the comfort. This probably won’t make any sense, but these are perhaps the most un-cycling, cycling shoe I have ever ridden! They feature a high round toe box and narrow heel and fit my feet like a sock. The upper is a micro fibre with what appears to be a laminated topcoat. The material adapts to the foot shape moulding around your feet and the shoe has a seamless construction which further helps comfort. I would best describe the fit as “Nike” (their running shoes, not their cycling shoes).  I am a full size and a half smaller than my Sidi size (42.5 as apposed to 44), so you should order a full size smaller than your own Sidi size.

The Velcro shoe weighs in at a claimed 260g (size 42) and mine weigh 280g, which takes into account a size 42.5 with the foot-beds in. As a comparison, my Sidi Ergo 2’s weigh approximately 320g.

When using them in anger, there are no real issues or concerns to report, you don’t notice any flex and I haven’t experienced any heel lift either, although another user said he had experienced some in the buckle shoe. They are light and I found that the cleats fitted with no hassle at all. All you need from a shoe really.

So why choose Suplest over many more established shoe brands?

Could it be the exclusivity, the fact that Marcel Wust is wearing them this month or the Swiss look? If you ride a BMC with Assos clothing, then you are required by law in Europe to wear Suplest shoes! Ok that’s a lie, but Suplest is associated with both companies and the fact that these may be the first shoes to make black footwear look stylish again should be enough. In the fashion conscious world of cycling, any of these reasons are valid (I’m sure), but it is the unique fit that appeals to me. Toe wriggle room in cycling shoes….. It’s a revelation!

So what do I like? It’s the unique fit, the exclusivity, the weight and the simplicity that does it for me. Coming in at a price tag of £188.99 (GBP), they are on the money as well.

Just to keep a balance then, what don’t I like? Well, the non-replaceable heel pads and I have a feeling that they may get a bit warm in very hot weather. Seeing as we never get very hot weather though, mine will be fine. They performed admirably in the balmy 69 degrees we got last weekend anyway.

Would I buy them? For the fit alone I would and as they just suit my feet perfectly, the fact that I really like the look is an added bonus.

They are compatible with SPD-SL, Look, Time and Speedplay (with Speedplay adaptors).

Click here to view the shoes at www.probikekit.com.




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