If you’re lucky enough to be heading into summer right now and have some good winter training miles behind you, the upcoming race season must be very exciting!

As the rain drives against the window here, I am very jealous. How I’d love to be down on the Coast Road right now……..

If you’re needing a kick into action or just a refresher, then a new pair of shoes often do the job – the fresh new stiff-as-hell carbon sole, the lack of sweaty smell when they sit on the radiator and no more strange looks when turning up to a race in discoloured white shoes.

Nick and I have been riding around in our Suplest shoes now for a fair while and we thought we’d give you our quick views on them (click here for our previous Suplest blog). Being a relatively unknown brand, they are starting to become more popular as some big name Pro’s start to wear them:

Martin Elmiger (the new Swiss National Champion) has been sporting his while racing for AG2R and whooping all the cyclists in Switzerland! Being a star, he gets his own custom colour scheme, more obvious than the black/white we have.

Marcel Wust has been wearing a pair for a long time now and these are definitely two guys who know all about efficiency.

Remember what has been said about Suplest shoes: “if you need a race shoe that doesn’t shout about it, you need a Suplest – discreet Swiss performance”.

If you’re about to kick off your racing season with some good winter training behind you then a nice new pair of shoes are just the thing to give you a nice boost. Your first race of the season will no doubt be twinned with nerves, but by arriving with confidence in you and your kit, the rest is all up to your legs!

Nick’s review of his StreetRacing shoe with the buckle:

“Pick up a pair and the weight is astonishing. Less than a Sidi and with the understated style and function I appreciate.”

The only thing I’d add to that is:

“While mine have been used for racing only, I’m always impressed after finishing that my feet feel fresh as a daisy. No hot-spots and no numbness – I think due to the roomy toe box and though the fastening system isn’t anything ground breaking, they sit still and are reassuring at all times.”

The micro-fibre upper with it’s fancy carbon fibre look moulds to your foot slightly for an even better fit and has no seams, so you won’t get a blister on your toes! The sole has a great marking system behind the lacquer so it won’t rub off with a cleat change! This helps get the cleats sat just right and as it won’t rub off, you can tweak the cleats as much as you like.

With the buckle model providing that easy to adjust fit, the Velcro model throws a bit more white in there for anyone who is going for the ‘Euro look’. Otherwise, the shoes are identical with the same great sole and upper.

The Tri version adds a thicker Velcro strap for easy fastening and a heel loop.

Shoe technical specifications:

  • Upper Material – Seamless – No unneeded pressure zones. The high-end upper material is a Micro Fibre. The material adapts to the shape of the foot while wearing the shoe.
  • Heel Cap – They’ve developed a new heel cap which offers a better fixation of the foot. Additionally, the heel cap also protects the heel.
  • Insole – The Suplest sockliners have an anatomic footbed. This allows the feet to stay in an ergonomic position. The sockliners are made of a shock absorbing EVA foam.
  • Ventilation – The ventilation holes on the upper and side of the shoe allow a perfect ventilation of the foot – air conditioning of the best kind.
  • Carbon Outsole – In order to bring the force directly onto the pedal, they have used a very thin and stiff full carbon outsole.
  • System Compatibility – The carbon outsole is compatible with all well known pedal brands such as SPD, Look, Time and Speedplay.
  • Weight – 280g (Claimed Size 42 – Buckle version).

Important note: Suplest shoes measure up larger than other cycling shoes so it is recommended going down a shoe size from what you normally wear.

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If you’re tempted, do consider these. They might lack the visual impact of the Italians but for performance and understated style they’re a winner!




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