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Long black socks, its no suprise the peloton didnt want him to win!

Long black socks, its no suprise the peloton didnt want him to win!

Well we never expected such a response to the big question that affects every cyclist every time he rides, yes the SOCK question.

You have probably heard my comments on this subject (wear new white socks 6-9cm cuff,logo to match team kit ,or if  Italian the bike or component choice)

Yes I am aware that some people have had moderate success while disobeying this rule but a quick check on this years tour shows that the only person to attempt to wear silly sock’s (David Miller in tall black socks ) was chased down and humiliated by a fashion conscious bunch.

Please some things are sacred the wearing of new white socks for road cycling is an essential part of our tradition we beg you to carry on this most serious aspect of elite riding, we have to distinguish between MTBers   those of lesser intelligence or of  poor washing powder choice that there is only one choice

The white choice

And Dave you do have fankles those Ben&Jerry socks where single cuff you know it I know it your polished crank arms know it… Fat ankles are cureble, people of the world please help him, it only costs $1200 dollars for ankle reduction surgery Please send your support in writing (dont send money) to we want to help Dave and his fankles C/O batboyslim@hotmail.com

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