After seeing the new 2010 Sidi at Eurobike and the number of people searching for Sidi 2010 we thought we best give you the lowdown on these new shoes. Click here for our Sidi Lite shoes


New Sidi Lite Sole

New Sidi Lite Sole

The main addition/change is the ‘Lite’ sole which as Sidi says:

For the first time in a cycling shoe, the Sidi Carbon Lite Sole introduces a proprietary aerospace material, Aeronet Lite. The Sidi Carbon Lite Sole is engineered to maximize resistance to mechanical stress. Four layers of carbon and Aeronet Lite are moulded into a pattern of longitudinal corrugation increasing rigidity while reducing weight. The Sidi Carbon Lite Sole maintains the optimal stiffness, power transfer of the Full Carbon Sole while significantly decreasing its weight and increasing durability.

The Carbon Lite Sole is constructed to provide a slight amount of flex in the toe while retaining excellent stiffness throughout the body of the shoe. The sole is engineered for the high-performance, high-mileage cyclist who requires a sole that is rigid but does not compromise the foot's blood circulation, guaranteeing comfort, foot health and great power transfer.

For walkability, the Carbon Lite Sole includes an anti-slip insert at the toe and a replaceable polyurethane heel pad and is compatible with the best pedals on the market. To facilitate cleat replacement, the Sidi Carbon Lite sole features a 10 mm horizontal and vertical cleat alignment scale molded into the sole as well as the Look Memory Eyelet.

We’ve all had a rummage around the boxes, the vernice blue is very nice as is the white/black/red is also great to look at. The pics below shoe the sole detail, with its cut-outs and new toe grip. Its bound to be stiff and is certainly light.

[nggallery id=21]The buckles remain the same along with the security velcro to keep everything tight.

If you’ve worn Sidi before you’ll have no problems upgrading to these, the leather getting softer with each session.

Click here for our Sidi Lite shoes

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